It’s the new year, which means it’s time for countless people to promise change in their own life but manage to forget within a month. Around 8% of people who make resolutions in the new year find themselves successful.

According to the data 39% of people in their 20s keep their resolutions and follow through. As we are a younger office I’m looking forward seeing how many of my coworkers stick to their resolutions and are able to increase the amount of successful resolutions. Some of our resolutions last year turned out well! Justin finally got that AdAge piece published and several earned the certifications they were looking for. Unfortunately time sheets still seem to be a struggle for some and content writing has dwindled. But with this new year and a new round of resolutions I have full confidence in our team.

Without further todo– the Web Talent Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2016!

AnnaHornAnna Horn | Online PR Specialist

Goals for myself include learning paid search strategies, utilizing Twitter ads for the WTM account, digging deeper into technical SEO, and not having to nag anyone about contributing towards the What We’re Reading. Personally, I’d like to learn to express my emotions in less of a monotone way and increase my list of micro-adventures.

TammyBennettTammy Bennett | Controller

I would LOVE for some staff members to resolve to get their time reports in on time and not late! I get sick of reminding people.

EllenBorzaEllen Borza | Online PR Specialist

In 2016, I’d like to learn technical SEO, specifically learning how to conduct SEO audits AND try every single snack from Snack Nation!

MattBurkMatt Burkarth | PPC Manager

I would like to help the Paid Search team reach their own resolutions and contribute to their learning as much as I possibly can.

MattSelfMatt Self | Vice President

Many members of our team are Analytics Certified, so I would like to join their ranks and get my certification in 2016!

MikeCanarelliMike Canarelli | Co-Founder and CEO

I would like to expand our overall skills/experience, strategy and troubleshooting capabilities. Create more collaboration with clients – more communication so we work even closer and find more community involvement/volunteer opportunities for the team 

EmilyLongEmily Long | Online PR Specialist

I’d like to use paid social media advertising in new and creative ways to increase brand awareness for our clients. As well as experiment with the new Instagram ads platform. I’d also like to replace 75% of my inter-office communication with bitmoji expressions.

RayCarboniRay Carboni | SEO Manager

I’d like to write at least ONE blog post this year… and contribute to What We Are Reading.

ClaudiaPenningtonClaudia Pennington | Technical Search Strategist

My digital marketing resolution is to become an expert in paid search. My personal resolution is to run a half marathon.

KevinKoehnKevin Koehn | PPC Specialist

Earn my Google Analytics and AdWords + one additional certification by the end of the year. I’d also like to take ownership of my own paid search accounts, teach the team something they didn’t know, write a blog post, and get my time sheets to Tammy every week. Personally, I’d like to travel to a new place every month, speak better Spanish and German, snowboard a double black, and craft a magnificent beard.

AshleyLichkusAshley Lichkus | Client Relations Manager

I resolve to pack my lunch the night before. This way I can save money by not eating out and pack healthier options for lunch!

BillHartzBill Hartz | PPC Specialist

I’d like to bring in a new client, develop a deeper understanding of Google Analytics, and stop eating all the jalapeño chips before my coworkers have a chance at them.

YenmaYenma Kounlavong | Sr. Client Relations Manager

I would like to get re-certified in Google Analytics. Also, I’d like to keep the healthy train rolling into 2016 by continuing to go to the gym (even though I just want to hibernate!). 

SarahWalshSarah Walsh | Online PR Specialist

My resolution is to continue learning from some of the brightest people I’ve ever met. And perhaps cut down on my coffee consumption. 

KevinKonradKevin Konrad | Front-End Developer

I want to learn and MASTER Magento Programming!


EricaBrandtErica Brandt | Online PR Specialist

In 2016 I would like to increase my knowledge of Pinterest and learn more about their advertising options. 

JasperBurwell (2)

Jasper Burwell | Digital Campaign Lead

I think for this year I’d like to implement CRO testing for at least one client with results good enough to write a case study on.