Many people think of the new year as a prime opportunity for goal setting, but it is also a great time to look back and appraise the previous year.  Between client wins and personal development, 2018 allowed many of our team members to showcase some truly outstanding skills!

We’ve had a lot to celebrate, so this year we decided to change thing up a bit.  Instead of running through a list of traditional resolutions, some of the Web Talent team are sharing their 2018 highlights and how they want to carry those experiences into the new year.

Mike Canarelli | CEO & Co-Founder

Being a part of such a huge win like the eTail West Best in Class award was an amazing experience for our team, but we are just getting started!  In the coming year, we’ll be expanding into new services like Marketing Automation to further support our clients.

Andrew Burd | SEO & Online PR Specialist

When one of our clients re-launched their website, we saw an understandable decline in their keyword rankings and organic traffic.  For the better part of this past year, we invested a significant amount of time securing high-quality links and placements, and now their keyword rankings are on track to reach an all-time high!

I’m excited to keep improving my skill set in all things SEO and help clients use organic search to get more leads and sell more products.

Ashley Rabuck | Manager of Client Services

In 2018, we had multiple previous clients return to us for services. This was a huge win for the team as it shows the quality of work and experience the client had was positive!

Looking ahead to 2019, there are many projects on the horizon that will cross into all of our service lines. I’m excited to partner with clients and showcase our expertise across various pillars.

Brian Gunzenhauser | Manager of Design & Development

Our on-site Website Development team had a great experience at Wordcamp US this year.  Learning what’s new in WordPress directly from WordPress is such a thrill, and we are ready to carry that excitement into 2019!

Emily Long | SEO & Online PR Lead

A highlight of 2018 was collaborating with our client to help them win the eTail Best in Class Award for best use of online search!  Together we built a strategic content initiative that earned as much search visibility as possible, including high-value featured snippets, and drove revenue growth to more than 65% year over year.

Jerica Reddig | Jr. Marketplace Advisor

Not only did we help an Amazon client reach their goal of earning $1 million in monthly overall sales, but we also assisted them in surpassing $500K in ad sale revenue.

Moving into the new year, we’ve been getting a lot of buzz about Amazon SEO from our clients so I’m excited to further grow that aspect of my Amazon expertise.

Kaye Peloquin | Chief Operating Officer

Continuous learning has always been a part of our culture at Web Talent Marketing. In 2019 we are excited to launch a formalized program that will provide resources to our team from both internal and external resources.

Our goal is use the spark of learning to light the fire of innovation and curiosity.

Marcus Grimm | Chief Growth Officer

There are many 2019 initiatives that I’m excited about, but a few projects in particular are happening soon!  Something to keep an eye out for is our brand new podcast The Revenue Stream, featuring strategies and tactics from the WTM staff as well as some of the top marketers from around the country.  The first few episodes will premiere in the next couple of weeks!

Megan Snyder | Marketing Manager

New WTM content is coming in for the new year, and I’m excited to test out some new delivery strategies.