Resolutions are not only a time of forward thinking but also a reflection of the past. As we look back at 2017 we find plenty to celebrate. Digital expansion, new team members, and more office space! As we move forward and dream of what 2018 will bring so does every member on our team. They’ve set goals both professionally and personally to further their horizons and exceed expectations.

If you’ve missed years past we highly recommend checking out what we’ve been (attempting) to accomplish over the years. Some of us have been successful while others, not so much. Yenma got recertified in AdWords and Ashley walked more during her lunch breaks. But unfortunately I did have to remind at least 1 person about their blog post due date and I’m still waiting for Zuckerberg to listen to my opinions. Realistically I think we can do it this year. Our goals are attainable and a little bit fun! So without further to-do… our resolutions.


Mike Canarelli | CEO & Co-Founder

Continue executing our 3-year growth plan, as well as the continued development of our team’s experience and skillset.

Richelle Horn | Senior Client Strategist

To try to read (or listen to) one professional development book per quarter. Personally, I am planning to start a daily gratitude journal & hope to complete my first full marathon this May!

Kaye Peloquin | Chief Operating Officer

This is the year to see friends and family that I have not seen in too long. It is time to get re-connected and make new memories. Professionally, my goal is to be the best servant leader I can be in 2018. As Jerry Maguire once said“ I am out here for you. Help me… Help you.”

Justin Emig | Vice President of Marketing and Innovation

Finally build up enough confidence in all of the content that sits in my Evernote to share on either the Web Talent Marketing blog or additional publications.

Matt Self | Vice President

Enrich (to some degree) the life of every person I meet! Sounds cheesy, right? I know, but I really think it can be done if I’m intentional and outwardly focused. The benefits should be both personal and professional.

Emily Long | Online PR Lead

Increase my knowledge of CRO and get more experience with Google Optimize this year. Personally, I’d like to hike more in 2018 than I did in 2017, which shouldn’t be too hard. I got hit with a bad case of couch potato last year.

Dustyn Doyle | Developer

To learn a new framework or platform during the year and solve a Rubik’s Cube.

Ashley Rabuck | Customer Relations Manager

Be more of a strategic thinker so that I can be a better partner for our clients by understanding their overall marketing mix. I also plan to complete my first triathlon sprint this spring and to meet my goal of a sub 2 hour half marathon time.

Angalena Malavenda | Online PR Specialist

To dive deeper and learn more about technical SEO. My personal New Years Resolution is to consistently workout in the mornings and to plant/grow my own backyard garden.

Corinne McCarthy | Online PR Specialist

Get my first client and do an awesome job helping them accomplish their goals, to finally finish editing my first novel, and then start a new writing project.

Matt Burkharth | PPC Manager

Exercise at least twice a week, and take my dogs for more hikes.

Anna Horn | Senior SEM Specialist

Get another Google AdWords Cert or two, become Tag Manager certified while learning all the things and expanding my technical horizons. Personally, I’m planning on cooking my way through several cookbooks and making 3 goals a month.

Yenma Herb | Senior Client Relations Manager

Work closer with our clients to better understand their 2018 goals and strategize with them to achieve those goals, travel more with my husband and my puppers, Crixus and Penny, and twin more with Ashley through 2018!

Ellen Borza | Online PR Lead

Develop long-term influencer campaigns for clients, and to spend more time trying recipes from my Skinnytaste cookbook!

Michelle Bull | Online PR Specialist

Get 2 more Google Certifications (AdWords and either GTM or mobile sites). I also want to improve my optimization and technical skills. Personally, I want to run 2 half marathons this year, and finish my first ever triathlon sprint. Also be the best spin instructor ever!

Kevin Koehn | Paid Search Specialist

Focus more on long-term client goals. Learn additional platforms and strategies to help clients achieve those long-term goals. Consistently swim at least 10,000 yards per week. Read more.

Bill Hartz | Senior Paid Marketing Specialist

Personally, I would like to finish remodeling the last 2 rooms in my house, and start relaxing in the evenings instead of inhaling insulation. Professionally, I would like to triple client hours and spend in marketplaces like Amazon, and to streamline all communication with co-workers with gifs from The Office instead of emails.

Andrew Burd | SEO Specialist

Become a more well-rounded SEO professional while expanding my knowledge in other areas of Digital Marketing. I would like to get re-certified in Google AdWords and Analytics, and obtain a new certification or two.

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