It’s that time of year again. Where we all tell ourselves we’re going to get better at working out, getting the right amount of sleep, quit that bad habit. But let’s be honest how long do resolutions really last? 44.8% of people maintain their resolutions past 6 months. If you’re someone who has achieved their resolutions after a full year then we are in amazement.

Last year we made our own resolutions as a company and some of us succeeded and other did not do so well. I finally got to run a promoted Twitter campaign, Ray wrote his single blog article for the year, and Emily may have switched only 30% of her in office communications to Bitmoji. This year we’re aiming higher and setting a new standard for ourselves. So hopefully at this time next year I’ll be able to tell you the full list of all our achievements in 2017. Here’s to a new year, new you, and new ambitions!


Sarah Walsh | Online PR Specialist

I’ve resolved to master paid social to round out my social media expertise and to not acquire any more pets for at least the next year…


Angalena Malavenda | Online PR Specialist

My new year’s rez is to get my Google Analytics certification and to hold on to the title of being the youngest person in the office. Personally, I would like to become the DIY queen.


Bill Hartz | Sr. Paid Marketing Specialist

Write my own Adwords Script, send monthly reports earlier, catch more Pokémon than Jasper, and solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded.


Yenma Kounlavong | Sr. Client Relations Manager

I’m going to get re-certified in Google AdWords! I’d also like to have more face-to-face meetings with clients. Phone and email conversations are great, but nothing compares to meeting clients.


Justin Emig | Director of Search Marketing

My goal for this year is to continue to advance my knowledge and experience with popular ecommerce platforms from a development standpoint to better troubleshoot issues. Additionally, I want to continue to utilize Big Data to make actionable business decisions for our clients and our campaigns. Personally, my goal is to stop this gray hair from infiltrating my beard.


Adam Perry | Creative Marketing Manager

I’d like to work on refreshing my morning routine and row a million meters this year.


Kaye Peloquin | Director of Strategic Growth

My personal resolution is rather than being a couch potato on my days off this year I have been inspired to pack a suitcase and travel. Professionally, I am going to master reading our CEO’s mind. It will save us lots of time, then I can travel!


Ellen Borza | Sr. Online PR Specialist

My resolutions for 2017 are to explore new ways that our clients can work with influencers, read two marketing/business-related books, and to limit my trips to Chop Sushi!


Ashley Rabuck | Client Relations Manager

Get re-certified in Google AdWords, earn a new Google Certification, keep clients happy, do better in Fantasy Football, and walk more often over lunch breaks.


Matt Burkarth | PPC Manager

Incorporate more conversion rate optimization into our paid search strategy. If websites don’t convert well on their own, paid search is unlikely to help. Diagnosing and correcting the root of underperformance should be step #1 when talking about driving sales and/or leads.


Kevin Koehn | Paid Search Specialist

I resolve to expand my ecommerce knowledge and experience while also learning more about SEO. I want to continue learning WordPress as well as other development tools. I’d also like to learn a new language and complete a Spartan Race (or something similar).


Kevin Konrad | Front-End Developer

I plan to do dive deeper into the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms this year to help bring in more ecommerce development projects.


Michelle Bull | Online PR Specialist

I’d like to complete more technical tasks including onsite audits and digital roadmaps. I’d also like to continue my pun streak through 2017 (with some possible inclusions in the SEO quote book).


Erica Brandt | Online PR Specialist

I would like to work on writing more for WTM blog and online publications!


Emily Long | Online PR Lead

I want to drink more water and get better at keeping up with the Kardashians… not.


AnnaHornAnna Horn | Sr. SEM Specialist

This year I’d like to get my AdWords certification as well as get a few other certifications. I’d love to never have to ask anyone for their blog contribution, tell Mark Zuckerburg how I feel about Facebook business help, and do some traveling that doesn’t involve being in a wedding.


Ray Carboni | SEO Manager

Master Google Tag Manager