For the past couple of weeks, we’ve all been glued to our screens watching how the World Cup is unraveling. But we aren’t the only ones tweeting and jumping on the World Cup bandwagon, brands are too.

However, not all brands are doing it right. So for all of my fellow marketers out there, please enjoy some of these insulting, yet entertaining, brand fails of the World Cup 2014.  Some of these definitely deserve the red card for social media marketing.

Delta Airways

Ghana has giraffes right?! No, Delta, no they do not. Delta Airways illustrated their lack of understanding of Ghana by tweeting a photo after USA’s score against Ghana.

Delta Airways Tweet about World Cup

This epic fail garnered lots of responses, here are some of my favorites!

Bruce Arthur Tweet about Delta Binyamin Tweet-Delta


While we are on a roll offending other countries, why not talk about KLM’s “Adios Amigos” tweet after The Netherlands beat out Mexico in the World Cup. Needless to say, KLM’s flights might have a few empty seats from here on out.

KLM Tweet about World Cup

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung really rubbed salt in Landon Donovan’s wound when they wished him and his USA team good luck in the World Cup. Nice right? The only problem is that poor Donovan was cut from the US team before the World Cup.

Landon Donovan image

Trident Gum, Whataburger, TGI Fridays and more

While we are on the subject of bandwagon jumping… many brands (especially those who specialize in food) have been capitalizing on Luis Suarez. In case you are not familiar, Suarez is a star forward for Uruguay’s soccer team and allegedly bit an Italian defender in their match up game.

This one I can’t even call a fail, as it is more like taking advantage of an amazing opportunity.

Well played, brands, well played.

TGI Fridays tweet about World Cup Tride Gum Tweet about World Cup Whataburger Tweet about World Cup

With major news events going on it is easy to get caught up in live tweeting in order to stay trending, however being too quick to hit the tweet button could cause your brand major social destruction. Moral of these fails (other than hiring a new social media expert), is to always think about your audience and who your brand messaging will be impacting. Always check your facts, make sure that giraffes do, in fact, live in Ghana, and for the love of pizza, stop offending other’s nationalities. A little bit of research can mean the difference between a well thought out tweet that warrants positive press or you can wind up on a list like this in the future.

Will brands ever learn?! At least we get to enjoy the bloopers and social media onslaught until they do!