Earlier this month before Thanksgiving rumors that the CEO’s from both Facebook and Yahoo had a meeting of how the two companies can combine services to provide a powerful social heavy search engine to combat against search powerhouse Google.  With Facebook’s massive amount of data from its’ users, Yahoo is trying to team up with Facebook to get a piece of the search engine market share by creating a new search engine with heavy social media influence integration.  An agreement and relationship between the two would allow Yahoo to use the gigantic amount of user-generated data and brand influence power Facebook has.

The meeting between Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer doesn’t come much as a surprise since Facebook and Bing currently has a relationship.  Bing has integrated personal Facebook activity paired with Bing’s search engine interface.  Bing’s integration of Facebook into its’ search engine results offers suggestions of your search by using recommendations, likes and similar interests of your friends to show results you may be interested in and also allows you the ability to share your search results from Bing on Facebook.

Until their contract ends in 2019, Bing is currently obligated to provide the backend support for Yahoo’s search engine technology.  Bing hasn’t been able to take on or take any noticeable slice out of Google’s market share of search, which may explain why the relationship between the two may be on the fritz.  Microsoft’s inability to launch a serious competitive challenge against Google may be the reason for the Yahoo and Facebook alliance.

But will the alliance between the two giants be able to launch a serious competitive attack on Google?  The answer simply is no.  Neither Facebook nor Yahoo has the search engine technology, foundation, information, data and talent to take on Google.  Yeah, Facebook is a powerful juggernaut, has ridiculous amounts of data and influential brand power but their weight of experience is in social…not search.  Search engine is a different monster than social, and Google already has a strong foothold and head start with their search engine algorithm.  You can have all the data in the world, but if you don’t have the talent of programmers, visionaries and analytical researchers with search engine experience to take that data and create a super search engine with both search and social integration, its’ not going anywhere and it’s not going to put a dent into Google’s market share of search.

What does Yahoo need to do in order to try to compete with Google?  Yahoo needs to stop trying to patch up the old and broken system it still uses today.  It is obviously not working and no matter how many times you try to patch it up, there are still going to be leaks and problems until it eventually collapses in on itself.  Yahoo needs to take greater advantage of Bing’s search engine technology.  Bing currently has more innovative talent, better search technology and a user-friendlier search engine experience than Yahoo.  With Microsoft’s deep pockets and resources, it would be a wiser investment in recruiting plenty of talent of programmers and innovators in the search engine world.