As digital marketers, we must continue to stay up on the latest happenings in the world of Search Engine Optimization, Paid Per Client Advertising, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Web Design, and much more. We need to know what is the next social network that is going to be exploding on the scene, what is the latest happenings with all of the algorithm updates from Google, and what technologies can you employ so that you convert more leads with less spend.

We are digital marketing junkies

At Web Talent, we have a team of people who eat, sleep and breath digital marketing. While many people are talking about the latest happenings on reality television, our team is busy discussing the latest apps to hit the market, the latest online advertising blunders, or new and unique ways to market our client’s products.

We literally consume hundreds of articles each week, discuss them, and determine how these particular strategies, techniques, updates can benefit our clients and help generate SALES!!

Instead of spending hours combing through hundreds of blogs, articles, and whitepapers every week, just stop by every Friday and see the 5 articles we have curated to be the information most relevant to growing your business.

Web Talent Marketing’s ‘What we are reading this week in the world of digital marketing’

Without further ado, here are 5 of the articles we are reading for the week of November 14th.

  1. Alibaba’s Record Breaking Shopping Fest: While many within the US still are unaware who Alibaba is, (outside of their massive IPO), the online commerce giant had their 11/11 sale in which they sold a staggering $9.3 BILLION in merchandise. What we found to be the most interesting is that 43% of those purchases were made through a mobile device. While every year for the past 5 years has been the year of mobile, the transference to mobile commerce appears to be on the immediate horizon.
  2. Online shoppers keep their purchases off Facebook: While Facebook is the primary social network for consumers seeking information about a purchase, those consumers are not sharing their purchases on Facebook. A study from Visual Website Optimizer shows that 74% of online shoppers are unlikely to share their purchases on Facebook or any other social network. Womp Womp for Facebook.
  3. Virtual Tours Go to the Dogs: Animation, design and VFX company Smith wants to show you around their new office, so they straped a GoPro to their dog Sadie. Viewers of the live stream were able to see everywhere around the Smith’s office, especially areas where food and drink were left attended. At Web Talent, we have a very soft spot for the dogs as they frequent our office on a regular basis.
  4. DuckDuckGo Added to Firefox: The internet browser Firefox is celebrating its 10th anniversary by releasing a new version with privacy as the focus. One of the new features is the introduction of privacy first DuckDuckGo to the list of pre-installed search engines. This move comes shortly after Sarafi added DuckDuckGo as one of pre-installed browsers. With privacy all the rage in consumer’s minds, we are major fans of DuckDuckGo and curious to see how this affects adoption.
  5. Digital to Overtake TV Ad Spending in 2 Years: Research giant Forrester released an eye-opening study that shows Digital will represent 36% of all U.S. Ad Spending by 2019, as well as Digital overtaking traditional TV Ad spending by 2016. At Web Talent, we have seen this move coming for awhile now with digital marketing initiatives providing a much more positive experience for brands, but this research helps to reinforce that message.

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