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What We’re Reading for May 8th

Google confirms mobile tops desktop:

Last week we learned that mobile-only has overtaken desktop-only searches and this week those findings were solidified as by Google. The brand announced that it’s mobile search is used more than desktop in over 10 countries including the United States and Japan. With this announcement they rolled out new Ad Words features along with the ability to measure track across consumer devices essentially creating not only richer experiences for consumers but advertisers as well. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

Google is going to drop Emoji’s:

After a short lived few weeks emoji’s will be disappearing from desktop search results. Last week we mentioned that Expedia was experimenting with the searches and soon this will no longer be the case. It was a fun run while it lasted but we knew it was too good to be true. Sites will not be penalized for their use but all the hard work will be for naught. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

Google releases new Search Query/Analytics Report in Webmaster Tools:

After much speculation, Google has released the much anticipated Search Analytics report as their replacement for the Search Query report. Since the demise of the organic keyword in Google Analytics, the Search Query report is a mainstay for any SEO. While we are getting used to the new Analytics report, we have high hopes for its use. (Contributed by Search Manager Justin Emig)

Apple Confirms their web crawler, AppleBot:

One of the worst kept secrets in search marketing is out. Apple has released that they have a web crawler, known as AppleBot. This crawler is currently being used to support the Siri and Spotlight applications. We feel it is just a matter of time before Apple competes with the likes of Yahoo, Bing, and even… Google. (Contributed by Search Manager Justin Emig)

Marketers find new ways to advertise on the Apple Watch:

Unlike publishing companies with their similar apps, advertisers are in no rush to join the competition for real estate on the Apple Watch. The size of the screen seems to be keeping the thought of ads on the back burner currently. Continuing to partner with publishers seems to be the way for ads to be served until a better idea comes along. (Contributed by Front-End Developer Kevin Konrad)

Twitter begins to formulate plan for Periscope piracy:

During the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight last weekend Twitter’s new streaming service, Periscope became flooded with users live-streaming the fight. These rebroadcasts are in violation of Periscope’s terms and conditions, as are any live streaming of copyrighted TV shows or content. The team took down 30 streams when requested but countless others had already ended or were no longer available. As live streaming continues to take hold of social media it will be intriguing to see how piracy is dealt with in the future. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

McDonald’s reintroduces the Hamburglar:

Twitter is blowing up with news that McDonalds has brought back the Hamburglar. Last year Ronald was made-over to a chicer version oh himself and it looks like the new Hamburglar has hit the gym and moved to the suburbs. A few ads with the new version are featured on the McDonald’s twitter account and the jury is out on whether he is creepy or sexy, but the tweets are hilarious. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

Yelp seeks buyers, amid slow growth:

Yelp has had a hard time continuing to grow and now they are rumored to be speaking with investment planning firms in hopes of finding a suitable buyer  The rumor mill is going crazy with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. as potential candidates. What would a business with millions of reviews mean for these juggernauts? (Contributed by Search Manager Justin Emig)

Focusing on what really matters when it comes to tasks:

A fascinating read on A List Part discusses the right way to get things done when it comes to a site design. It calls out for workers to stop hoarding out-of-date and poorly organized content by identifying the top tasks that really matter to customers. Using this systems means a more collaborative work environment that reduces the time of tasks. (Contributed by Front-End Developer Kevin Konrad)

Why all start-ups should be using the cloud:

Flexibility and security are both viable reasons that startups should use Cloud Technology from the beginning. A list of what should go to the cloud first is also provided. Thanks to all the resources out there using the cloud allows your start-up to focus on what is important and levels the playing field in a way. (Contributed by Front-End Developer Kevin Konrad)

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