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What We’re Reading for September 25th

Twitter Adds Donations to Politicians through Tweets:

Considering a lot of political talk, bashing, and general discussion happens on the social platform Twitter the move seems like a logical idea. Contributors will be able to make a donation by tweeting a unique URL or $Cashtag. The service will be run through Square Cash and politicians will need to sign-up to gain access first. The tweet also includes a “contribute” button so others can easily contribute from the tweet as well. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

Google Local Search Shake-ups Explained:

There has been a lot of changes recently in local search results for Google. The recent slimming of the 7-pack down to 3 left many businesses out in the cold. In order to get the full 7-pack users now have to click on a more button adding increased pressure and competition for the top 3 spots. A large map has also been added making location every more important. As things continue to change and fluctuate with this we will be watching more than ever as local continues to dominate. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

Google Removes Facebook Rankings from SERPs:

Much discussion has taken place over if this is due to a large amount of spam Facebook reviews or if Google just got tired of displaying the stars. Prior to the change the overall rating for a company from their Facebook page would appear within the pages listing in the SERPs. Now this has been removed. Several have found that it still appears in if the review tab page is listed but that’s decreasing prominence as well. Time can only tell if Google keeps this change or starts to become even more vigilant for real reviews. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Emily Long)

People are Already Pinning for the Holidays:

It seems that Pinterest users love planning way ahead of their actual real-life holiday decorating. Changes are your friends on Pinterest have already started adding ideas to their Christmas decor boards. A survey completed found that almost half of Pinterest users start their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving. Getting products out onto the web is even more important now as this increase in planning doesn’t seem like a trend that’s going to die. Fun fact: 3 million ugly sweater pins were made last year. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

YouTube and Moms Google Analysis:

In an indepth study from Google the search giant looks at how moms are using YouTube for creativity and child rearing. Searching with questions is a big contribution and something marketers should be paying attention to while putting together how-to’s or instructions. Many moms turn to YouTube for buying decisions looking for video reviews. Visual how-to content is extremely important as many mothers don’t have time to read an article. They want to see how it’s done. (Contributed by Technical Search Strategist Claudia Pennington)

Facebook Brings 360 Video to Timelines:

The 360 video trend seems to be here to stay. The immersive experience is fascinating to say the least. Many popular vloggers and creatives have started using the experience more and more. Now that Facebook supports the videos publishers are now also jumping on trend as Star Wars, GoPro, and VICE are among the first to add 360 videos to their feeds. Users are able to explore each video by moving their phone around. Youtube has been supporting this feature for awhile now and  (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

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