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What We’re Reading for June 12th

‘Google, why should I optimize for longer search queries?’

We are no longer operating in the days of 1-3 word search queries. Users today are searching for longer, more specific phrases, and marketers need to adjust their optimization strategies accordingly. There are a number of reasons for this change: an enormous volume of information available online, Google’s advanced ability to interpret user intent, a rising popularity of mobile search, and the adoption of voice-based search. Rather than optimizing for individual keywords or phrases, marketers would do well to start (if they haven’t already) identifying popular long-tail search queries relevant to their industry and creating or editing content to address the topics users are interested in.  (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Emily Long)

Insider tip for brand videos

An April ’15 study by Strata shows that the over 45% of digital video viewers recognize the brand in the video during the first 4 seconds of the video. This means it is absolutely paramount to showcase your brand early in the video, especially with the increasing rise of TrueView video ads.  (Contributed by Search Marketing Manager Justin Emig)

Digital Marketing stats from the past week

A lot happened this past week in the digital space. A few key stats include tweets about Burger King increasing 1445% during the Belmont and 83% of mothers visit Youtube during the course of a month. Plus, Nike debuted a new ad featuring the U.S Women’s Soccer team that’s been making a splash.  (Contributed by SEO Specialist Marcus Howling)

Conversion stats that will blow your mind

Over the course of Unbounce’s Conversion Road Trip new stats have come out on conversions and ad copy. A few of these include emails with a single call-to-action increasing clicks by 371% and that adding a beard to models will increase cart ads by 49%. So focus your campaigns and don’t let your models shave! (Contributed by SEO Specialist Marcus Howling)

Facebook and Shopify Partner to launch a “buy” button

Though in the works since last year, Facebook has announced that a “buy” button is already available in beta for select US businesses with Shopify accounts. This follows on the heels of similar announcements from Google and Pinterest. Facebook users will be able to purchase items from News Feed or Pages without leaving the interface. (Contributed by Technical Search Strategist Claudia Pennington)

Twitter CEO is stepping down

Twitter announced Thursday that it’s CEO Dick Costolo will be stepping down. Jack Dorsey who co-founded twitter will be taking his place as interim CEO beginning July 1st. Costolo will remain on the board and Dorsey will be both CEO of Twitter and his company Square for the time being. Market shares responded well to this news as they were up 4% since the announcement.  (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

Hipster is out, Yuccie is in

The hipster is officially out. In an article on Mashable the yuccie has officially been deemed the new ‘in’ grouping of young people. The term stands for Young Urban Creative and pretty much means millennials who have a desire to pursue their dreams while still making money. They value creativity and are into profiting from their new craft vodka idea. Thanks to a quiz we’ve found a few yuccies in our midst and are looking forward to seeing how this trend continues.  (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

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