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What We’re Reading for May 27th

Twitter Stops Counting

Twitter summarized their recent announcements this week in a blog post detailing what changes will be coming to the platform. These changes include not counting user names, links, or media in the 140 character count limit. Users collectively breathed a sigh of relief as this may be what Dorsey was talking about when he discussed extending character limits. Also in the announcement, users will no longer have to place a period before calling out a specific user so their followers see it in their timeline. These changes will slowly roll-out over the next few months. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

Risk Content Like a Venture Capitalist

Millennials these days have been recognized to be the largest and most ethnically diverse generation yet. Content marketers need to realize that the only way to attract millennials and keep them entertained is to take risks and a lot of them with the content they write. Casually dabbling in the trade will cause many losses, but by investing more and increasing your chances you are bound to appeal to the diversity that your biggest audience adores. (Contributed by Jr. Online PR Specialist Angalena Malavenda)

Basic Avocado: Snapchat Sticker Update

Snapchat is now including their eclectic collection of stickers under the folder icon. The stickers can be added to photos and videos so feel free to sprinkle “Can You Not?” hearts and basic avocados over all your photos. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Sarah Walsh)

Google AdWords Breakup is Big News for Bidders

Much to the delight of paid search staffers everywhere, you will soon be able to set differing bids for differing devices. If one device or platform doesn’t perform, cut the budget! (Contributed by Technical Search Strategist Claudia Pennington)

Promoted Pins Coming to Google Maps

With mobile local searches growing 50% faster than mobile searches overall, it only makes sense that Google will now offer promoted locations within Maps, something Mapquest has been doing for quite some time. Location extensions will be required to appear in promoted pins. In addition, new local pages with additional features will be available. Features will vary based on business type. At the Performance Summit, it was announced that the purpose of these ads is to help drive in-store visits, especially for smaller businesses. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Ellen Borza)

6 Takeaways from Google’s Performance Summit

On Tuesday Google hosted a livestream event where they revealed some major upcoming changes to Adwords. Much of the event related to mobile and how the internet is changing with our increased dependence on our phones. For advertisers, there were 3 huge new developments. Expanded text ads will be available in the coming months, increasing the size of the SERP ads until they appear almost as large as the organic results. Secondly, Bid adjustments have returned and will also be available for operating system, age, and gender. Finally, there will be a completely redesigned Adwords Interface. (Contributed by Paid Search Specialist Bill Hartz)

4 Potential Instagram Updates

There has been a lot of questions and chaos surrounding the Instagram update. Recently, the code from the recent update was decompiled and it reveals four features that have yet to be activated. First, the ability to boost a post. Companies will be able to pay to boost their post to reach across a large majority of their network. Second, analytics ability. A paying Instagram user will be able to utilize the in app analytics platform to evaluate posts and user engagement. Third, converting Instagram accounts to business pages. This is much like Facebook’s conversion from a business profile to a business account. Fourth, the ability to see analytic insight. Much the analytics in app, this will allow for users to view impressions, engagement rate, clicks, likes, comments, etc. This is especially useful for users with particular social strategies. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Michelle Arnold)

Google Expanding Text Ad Limits For All Devices

Traditionally, Google text ads have followed the 25-35-35 character rule. That is, 25 characters in the title, and 35 characters in description lines 1 and 2. Google will be changing that soon. Text ads will soon be able to have 30 characters in the title and a total of 80 characters in the description on all devices. Earlier this year Google eliminated sidebar ads from the search results page, which resulted in more ad real estate space, thus, these expanded text ads will be coming soon. (Contributed by Paid Search Specialist Kevin Koehn)

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