What We’re Reading for April 8th

3 Upcoming Trends in Paid Search

Search Engine Land predicts major changes in the methods Google serves PPC ads. Most of these changes revolve around increased targeting for Shopping campaigns, with more purchasing options given to the searcher. They also forecast advancements within voice-search which will make result accuracy nearly as good as type-search. This will of course open up new possibilities to PPC marketers. (Contributed by PPC Manager Matt Burkarth)

Google’s Latest Experiment to Improve Mobile-Friendliness

Ahead of the April update to the mobile-friendly algorithm, Google is testing a new feature for site owners whose websites aren’t mobile friendly. A warning appears directly in mobile search results if Google detects that the person searching is also the owner of the website, along with a link to a page about becoming mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that this message only appears for site owners. While this isn’t expected to be Mobilegeddon 2.0, your site will be impacted if it is not mobile friendly when the update rolls out. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Ellen Borza)

Does Google AMP Affect SEO?

While it’s assumed that Google AMPs are not yet a ranking factor, publishers with AMP versions of their pages are served in a mobile carousel over all other results. Your result is above the fold on a mobile device, which can give you a competitive advantage over organic results. Unfortunately, AMPs only impact publishers at this time, particularly websites with news articles. (Contributed by Technical Search Strategist Claudia Pennington)

First-page Minimum Bids Continue to Rise

In the wake of Google’s SERP layout update several SEOs have begun to see bid increases for first page placements. While there hasn’t been huge shifts in CPC aggregates just yet, it’s apparent from the way first page and top of page bid minimums are moving that the auction has indeed changed as a result of Google’s updates. (Contributed by Digital Campaign Lead Jasper Burwell)

Twitter Wins Rights to Stream 10 NFL Games

In a very surprising conclusion, the NFL has awarded Twitter with the rights to live stream 10 NFL Thursday Night games and sell ads against those games. We all know the NFL brings huge traffic and attention, so will this pump a substantial impact to Twitter? We will see. (Contributed by Director of Search Marketing Justin Emig)

What We’re Listening To

The Memory Palace, Episode 81 – Below, from Above

A podcast for those who love history and stories this production from Radiotopia is fascinating to say the least. The episodes are typically only 10-15 minutes long with the earlier ones being much shorter. In each one host Nate DiMeo shares a story from history that immediately draws you into it’s folds. This specific episode tells the story of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. It sounds boring but something about DiMeo’s style makes every piece interesting. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

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