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What We’re Reading for December 30th

New in Broadcasting: Instagram Live

It’s no secret that live broadcasting is having a moment when it comes to social media. Facebook Live has proven to be a crowd pleaser, and the same success can be found with Instagram Live. But how do you actually use Instagram Live successfully? Social Media Examiner shares a how-to on using the best way to use this platform. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Sarah Walsh)

Amazon in Google Product Listings Could Change E-Commerce Forever

There have been recent sightings of Amazon products appearing in Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs), something that’s never happened before. This could be a game-changer for the shopping world for both advertisers and consumers. If Amazon gets past the testing stage on this, it could provide tremendous opportunities for advertisers to strategically use Google and Amazon together to reach their customers in a new way. (Contributed by Paid Search Specialist Kevin Koehn)

Spectacles Influence on Influencer Marketing

As the new year approaches predictions for 2017 are in full swing. In November Snap Inc. released the Spectacles, and they can change influencing as we know it. First, unboxing videos can be taken to a whole new level. Instead of the traditional video we would now be able to see point-of-view unboxing. Next, GoPro has new competition taking sports to a whole new field of play. Spectacles also offer influencers (big and small) an equal playing field. It will take behind the scenes to an entirely different level. What are your predictions for 2017, and if you have Spectacles how are you wearing them? (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Michelle Arnold)

Why the Demise of Map Maker is Terrifying

Google announced this year that they will be shutting down their Map Maker application in March of 2017. This article from Search Engine Land showcases just why this prospect is terrifying. Users are now able to edit map listings completely anonymously without a login or identifier. This means business listings can be spammed without any consequence. Personally, I loved map maker and the ability it had to help fix listing issues easily. I’m not looking forward to this new system. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

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