As digital marketers, we must continue to stay up on the latest happenings in the world of Search Engine Optimization, Paid Per Client Advertising, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Web Design, and much more. We need to know what is the next social network that is going to be exploding on the scene, what is the latest happenings with all of the algorithm updates from Google, and what technologies can you employ so that you convert more leads with less spend.

We are digital marketing junkies

At Web Talent, we have a team of people who eat, sleep and breath digital marketing. While many people are talking about the latest happenings on reality television, our team is busy discussing the latest apps to hit the market, the latest online advertising blunders, or new and unique ways to market our client’s products.

We literally consume hundreds of articles each week, discuss them, and determine how these particular strategies, techniques, updates can benefit our clients and help generate SALES!!

Instead of spending hours combing through hundreds of blogs, articles, and whitepapers every week, just stop by every Friday and see the 5 articles we have curated to be the information most relevant to growing your business.

Web Talent Marketing’s ‘What we are reading this week in the world of digital marketing’

Without further ado, here are 5 of the articles we are reading for the week of November 21st.

  1. Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool: We all have heard that *insert year here* has been the ‘year of mobile,’ but it appears that mobile has reached its tipping point. Mobile search surpassed Desktop search for the first time in 2014 and the numbers continue to grow. Google has been telling Webmasters to ensure their site is Mobile friendly for years. This week, they released a tool that allows you to test your site to see if it is mobile friendly. How does your site stack up??
  2. Dave and Buster’s Sent a Tweet they now regret: Everyone has heard the countless stories of brands sending misjudged tweets to their audience which cause a substantial stir in the marketplace. The list of brands is humongeous. The latest addition to that list is Dave and Busters who sent a tweet to promote their Taco Tuesday, but in a manner that was inappropriate and offensive. The backlash they have received since sending the message has been one of ridicule and brand-bashing. Their need for positive PR is required right now!!
  3. Firefox choose Yahoo! for its default search engine in US: Despite the fact that Google owns the vast majority of the search traffic in the United States, Mozilla’s latest release of Firefox has selected Yahoo! as their default search engine. While this seems like a very surprising move given Yahoo! has fell to its lowest share of search ever in June, we think this deal has more to do with selling Yahoo! ads, then it does organic search. This comes off the heals of DuckDuckGo being added to the 10th anniversary Firefox browser.
  4. 66% of emails opened on mobile: Email marketing platform Movable Ink recently released a study that shows 66% of emails are read on mobile devices (primarily iOS devices). This means that less than 33% of emails are opened on a desktop. Marketers need to take this into account when creating email marketing templates and messages. Ensure they are easily opened on a mobile device.
  5. Uber tries to ‘smear’ journalists: Keeping to the themes of brands making PR gaffs this week, ride sharing service Uber’s Senior VP Emil Michael outlined that the company would be willing to ‘spend millions of dollars’ to hire a team of researchers that would dig up all of the ‘dirty secrets’ of journalists who speak negatively about Uber. Michael states that he wants to give the media ‘a taste of their own medicine.’ At Web Talent, we love our journalist partners and completely disagree with Mr. Michael’s point of view.

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