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What we are Reading for April 28th

Moz’s Guide to Pop-Up Ads, Overlays and SEO

Moz breaks down everything you need to know about different types of popup ads and how they affect SEO. For example, Moz explains that Google will treat a signup newsletter that appears immediately when a user visits your site than one that appears after a user scrolls. Another important tip is to make sure important content isn’t hidden by ads on mobile. (Contributed by Sr. Online PR Specialist Ellen Borza)

Ad Blocking the death of advertising? Not so much.

The buzz around the marketing community for a few years is that ad blocking is the worst thing in the world and basically is going to put us all out of business. Alphabet (Google’s parent company) just announced their Q1 earnings and they experienced a 19% growth in ad revenues, beating expectations and hitting over $24 billion. We can all rest easy now. (Contributed by Director of Search Marketing Justin Emig)

Good Content Leads to Sales, Who Knew?

For those of you in eCommerce finding the right blend of words to describe your products can be time consuming. But once again it has been proven that the effort is completely worth it. Product descriptions and names should all be thought of carefully as they are in fact one of the main tools used to sell your products. Do some research, use some of the helpful tools listed in this article, and stop keyword stuffing. Language should come naturally just as your customers will when you write quality content that has some quantity to it. (Contributed by Sr. SEM Specialist Anna Horn)

Brands Should be Aware of Fake Instagram Engagement

In an attempt to beat Instagram’s new algorithm, more users are turning to engagement pods. These are groups of people who comment or like posts of those in the pod, believing that more engagement translates to their posts appearing in their followers’ feeds. For brands looking to work with Instagram influencers, pay close attention, as their engagement may be skewed. Notice that an influencers’ posts have comments from the same users? They are probably in a pod. (Contributed by Sr. Online PR Specialist Ellen Borza)

Page One and HTTPS

Only 9 months ago 30% of all results on page 1 were from HTTPS websites, this number has now jumped to 50% and is expected to make it to 70% by the end of the year. This is expected to be from the steady increase we’re seeing of websites adopting secure sites. Google has made not that they have not added extra algorithmic incentive so it’s yet to be seen if this is from a secret Google boost or just a rise in adoption. (Contributed by Sr. SEM Specialist Anna Horn)

Is AMP Dead already?

Perform an informational search on your phone and you are surely going to be met with some AMP articles. Yet this week, it was reported that AMP publishers are experiencing a significant drop in traffic, within their Google Analytics account. Is AMP dead and nobody is using the service? Not so fast… it appears to just be some technical issue that Google is working on. (Contributed by Director of Search Marketing Justin Emig)

Think that every possible search has been made? Think again.

In incredibly surprising news, Google announced the week that 15% of searches everyday are new, meaning they have never been searched before. While most business owners, website owners, and marketers are incorrectly focused on a few keywords, the ever-growing long tail continues to get longer, and new queries show up everyday. Remember, look at the totality of ranked keywords.. not specific terms. (Contributed by Director of Search Marketing Justin Emig)

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