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What we are Reading for August 28th

A New App to Prevent Women From Being Interrupted

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Brazilian advertising agency BETC Sao Paulo released an app that, when activated, can record how many times during the day a woman is interrupted when speaking. With “manterrupting” being more in the spotlight following the recent election, this app could bring awareness to how workplace conversations are conducted and empower women to stop others from talking over them. Check out the video in this article to get a better understanding of what “manterrupting” is.

YouTube or NewTube?

This week, YouTube finally silenced the rumors of an alleged TV platform called YouTube TV. The trend of adults forgoing their cable provider and reaching out to the internet for a different kind of streaming is continuing to grow due to rising cable prices and YouTube knows it. One might say consumers can now watch TV on YouTube instead of watching YouTube on TV. YouTube TV allows you to stream live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN. Talk about changing the game. Happy streaming.

Google Home Versus Amazon Echo Showdown

Stone Temple Consulting conducted a study comparing Google Home and Amazon Echo to see which device gave the most accurate answers to over 5,000 factual questions. Google answered more questions than Amazon, which one might expect with Google’s search index. Google answered 89% of over 3,400 questions correct, while Amazon answered 87% of over 1,000 questions. The author of the article suggests that search indices won’t influence which device consumers purchase.

Facebook Live For Consumers

When Facebook Live rolled out the big question surround it was, “how can I effectively use this?” Aside from your friends who use it to show the latest concerts they’ve been to, it’s a crucial tool for many brands. There can be some trial and error, but it gives instant feedback to what consumers are thinking. And hey, if it’s not working you can cut it off immediately. Birchbox recently used this tool to inquire what their audience wants in the monthly subscription box. The live videos create five times more traffic than organic posts, and can be tailored to each region they market. The U.K. prefers lifestyle videos, whereas the U.S. prefers product based videos. Once you figure out your audience, and what they are interested in tuning into Facebook Live can be the tool that directly connects you to your consumer’s thoughts.

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