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What we are Reading for February 24th

Instagram Users Can Share Multiple Photos in a Single Post

Users can now upload up to 10 pieces of videos and photos in the same post. Content appears in the carousel feature, and users can swipe left to view more content, similar to carousel Instagram ads. Two limitations to the new carousel photos are that you can only have one Instagram caption, and images are all squares. If you want to use Instagram as a referral source, it may be best to avoid this feature, as you could give followers too much. However, there may be instances when the carousel feature is appropriate for organic content. (Contributed by Sr. Online PR Specialist Ellen Borza)

Conquering the Winter Rut

I’m not sure about you, but winter months are a challenge for me to get through. It’s dark, cold, and there is little to do outside. Sometime between the chilling cold and snowy days I find myself struggling to get out of my rut. Here are a few things I’ve tried to get unstuck. 1. Rethink the approach, and if that doesn’t help take a break. When you stare at the same copy, content, or deliverable for hours you reach a point where you just can’t look at it anymore. If rethinking an approach isn’t doing it for you take a break. Grab a snack or take a walk. Do something to get your mind of the task at hand. 2. Start planning for summer. Nothing makes me feel better than planning my summer events. Thinking about warmer days usually gets my creativity and motivation on track. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Michelle Arnold)

Women’s Wear Daily Turns to Digital

Women’s Wear Daily announced this week that they’ll be changing their print schedule for the second time in two years. The plan is to minimize the number of print copies published each year, which resulted in eight employees leaving the print side of the company. However, WWD is looking to hire new employees for the digital side of their publication, proving that they’re looking more toward the web for future content. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Sarah Walsh)

Google No Longer Allowing Virtual Offices

For businesses with a service area that is. The change came after a few postings in the GMB forum. Virtual offices cannot be used unless they are staffed during business hours. That’s where the guidelines get tricky, as Google gives themselves the final say in what address gets listed. (Contributed by Sr. SEM Specialist Anna Horn)

The Value of Repurposing Content

Creating new content isn’t always easy but when you run out of ideas sometimes repurposing content is a better idea. Finding an old blog post and updating it to include all the newest trends and data can be of more worth than writing a fluff piece that has been written hundreds of times. Perhaps changing things up is another way to repurpose your content, like creating a webinar or whitepaper off of what you already have. Try switching things up and you never know the shelf life you could get out of it. (Contributed by Sr. SEM Specialist Anna Horn)

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