“The best Winternship EVER!”

Throughout my 4 short weeks of working with Web Talent over my winter break off from school, I learned so much about Internet marketing and the great people that make up this amazing team. From tackling training modules on link building to learning everyone’s preference of Snack Nation snacks, I was able to grasp what Internet marketing is all about and who Web Talent Marketing is as a company.

Starting the first day, the first two weeks for that matter, I read like it was my job (literally). First, I read all about content marketing and strategy; how it works, the best ways to formulate it, ways to reach your specific audience, and the best way to report your findings. All of this might sound a little boring because I mean, who really wants to sit in a chair and read all day long, but to me, this was heaven. This reading activity opened doors for me to see how important content really is for a business trying to make a more impactful digital footprint.

The second thing that I read about and was able to apply was the Point Blank Link Building Training.  This training made a lot of connections with what I have learned thus far through my formal education and how to successfully build links along with increasing credibility. This past semester I took a digital marketing class, which prepped me with a skillset that I was able to build off of in this activity. I tremendously improved my researching skills through these exercises and was able to provide helpful sources for real client work that needed to be done.

Lastly, with the help of the New Year, I was able to contribute to a Web Talent blog post. This was a great opportunity for me to learn the ways of writing a Web Talent post.  It was also beneficial for me to experience the process and have that to put under my belt for future reference.

All of this reading and prep work allowed me to finally put into practice what I had learned. Specifically with link building, I was given three different clients to research and find opportunities for. This allowed me to contact the opportunities that I had found and continue to correspond with them to feature our clients on their sites.

Doing work on the computer was not the only place that I was able to enhance my skills. Even though everyone has their separate space and duties, they function as one unit and that is not something that you can learn from an eBook.  Not only was I learning about these wonderful tactics, I was also seeing them put into action day in and day out. Fortunately enough for me I was able to engage in daily conversation with the team, ask questions when I had them and embrace the work day surrounded by people who love their job.

Being in such a positive and upbeat atmosphere made everyday in the office feel like a Friday. The employees at Web Talent are a very hardworking and adept team, which made learning for me a more enjoyable and efficient experience. I have yet to encounter a group as resourceful as this one.