In February of 2008 Adobe Systems announced Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). Adobe Air’s runtime environment is designed to bring a websites interactive content to your desktop without an Internet browser. Using Flash and HTML developers can access the API (application programming interface) and bring dynamic content from a website to a local application. The local application serves the user just as any other software would. Whether online or offline, users can access the content of websites like eBay.

Adobe Air provides users with the ability to drag and drop information to interact more easily with websites. Users can store certain sets of data such as transaction history, photos, and the like for access when offline.

EffectiveUI, of Denver, Colorado, created eBay Desktop using Adobe Air. EffectiveUI revamped the entire user experience by creating the desktop application. eBay Desktop users now have the ability to drag and drop photos and text directly into the new application. Additionally, they can view some data while not connected to the Internet, users are able to display information from bids in real time through the use of ‘AJAX’ and, users can customize search and bidding pages as a result of the desktop application.

More information about Adobe AIR can be found on Adobe’s Website.