My yoga class was more crowded than usual last week. Angela’s a great instructor, so I’m not surprised. Still, when your yoga mat is almost on top of your neighbor’s Warrior 3 can be a struggle to do without kicking someone in the face.

It’s a new year, and everyone has a list of resolutions for 2015. Maybe they’re left over from last year. Maybe you’re one of the few people who accomplished 2014’s goals, and 2015’s aren’t going to stop you either.

Last year we had a fitness goal board in our office, where everyone’s anonymous goals were written and it was a daily reminder to us. Well, it was until in February the goal board fell down and mysteriously disappeared.

Taking a different route this year, I polled the Web Talent team to see what their work-related goals were for 2015 – and we’ve got some good ones!

web talent resolutions

Ray Carboni, Senior SEO/PPC Specialist

“I’d like to get CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Certified, take the Link Research Tools Training, and do some advanced Excel Training.”

Pat Mendez, PPC Specialist

“I want to reach 1000 LinkedIn connections.”

Bethany Bauer, PPC/SEO Specialist

“I want to learn Javascript, and find somewhere to regularly volunteer.”

Matt Self, VP of Client Relations

“I will offer no less than 12 ideas to enhance our personal website and personal PPC campaigns. I will ‘speak’ a minimum of 4 times…whether trade show, industry event, or webinar.”

Caitlin Gustafson, Online PR Specialist

“I’d like to learn basic Photography/Photoshop, get published on Content Marketing Institute, and meet Rand Fishkin.”

Mike Canarelli, CEO & Co-Founder

“I plan to increase the level of customer service we offer to clients; encourage and support all staff and increase my Klout score.”

Brent Delperdang, Creative Manager

“I’d like to read one design/development book per quarter.”

Lorianna Sprague, Enterprise Search Strategist

“I plan to complete a stellar onsite for Web Talent, write at least 1 blog post, and finally crack the Google Code. ;)”

Matt Burkarth, PPC Specialist

“Improve all client campaigns, squeeze ROI out of a rock, and get CRO Certified.”

Yenma Kounlavong, Account Manager

“I plan to get AdWords certified.”

Justin Emig, Search Marketing Manager

“Finally obtain placement in AdAge! I also want to get a speaking engagement at one industry event, and write one unique piece of content per month.”

Erica Brandt, Online PR Specialist

“I’d like to contribute at least one blog post per month and work on getting us published in Forbes, TechCrunch, and Mashable.”

Tammy Bennett, Controller

“I’d love to get to the point where I can go one week without asking anyone for a time sheet.” (fail, guys.)

Marcus Howling, SEO Specialist

“I’d like to bring in a new client, and learn at least 20% of what Lori already knows about technical SEO that I don’t.”

Anna Horn, Online PR Specialist (our newest addition!)

“LEARN EVERYTHING. Specifically, I’d like to help the team by using Canva to really pump up our social and blog content.”

Emily Long, Online PR Specialist

“I want to volunteer with one non-profit to help them improve their brand awareness via social media.”

Tweet at us! What are your goals for 2015?