For the first time ever, digital advertising surpassed TV advertising in 2014. The digital marketing industry is growing, and we’re experiencing this growth along with other internet marketing agencies nationwide. We’re adding great new clients every month, which means we’ve been able to expand our Web Talent family!

Yenma Kounlavong

yenma kounlavongSeptember brought Yenma to our team as a dedicated Account Manager. Yenma manages project deadlines, workloads, and answers any questions our clients might have. The job sometimes involves a little bit of cheerleading, a little bit of sleuthing, and a whole lot of communicating. Yenma also has 9 years of experience in digital marketing as an Affiliate Manager and Media Buyer, primarily in lead generation and email marketing. Yenma also has her Google Analytics Certification. In her spare time she enjoys photography, travel, wine, and golf.


Pat Mendez

Pat MendezA wave of new PPC clients had our paid search team hooked to IVs of coffee until Pat arrived in October. Pat is a PPC Specialist that came to Web Talent with a particularly interesting background. As a small business owner looking to “market to the masses” for cheaper costs that traditional print advertising, Pat found the value in the data and effectiveness of search engine marketing and e-commerce. In his free time, Pat enjoys fishing and spending time with his kids – especially listening his 2-year-old, Savannah, sing.


Anna Horn

Anna HornOur most recent addition, Anna, is our third Grove City College alumna. Anna worked with Caitlin and Emily on a large class advertising project while at GCC, so it was only natural she would join us in Lancaster. Anna is from Minnesnowta, as she fondly refers to it, and enjoys reading, crafting, cooking and traveling. Anna is part of our PR department and has already earned great placements for Web Talent.