Empty desks are hard to come by in our office these days. Come to think of it, chairs are getting pretty scarce as well. I’ve now resorted to parking it on a yoga ball. Namaste. But desks and chairs are a small—and completely necessary—price to pay for the five new employees we have the pleasure of welcoming to the Web Talent team! Here are a few fun tidbits about each of our new hires. We think you’ll agree: they are pretty great!

Bill Hartz – Paid Search Specialist

Bill-HartzBill comes to Web Talent by way of a third party logistics company based out of Ohio. He spent his days booking trucks for customers that had freight to move across the continent. How’s that for a “bill of lading?” Sorry, bad joke. I couldn’t resist. Before working in logistics, Bill was the blog manager at a small digital marketing company in Ohio.

What Bill Likes Most About Digital Marketing
“There is a common saying in our industry, ‘50% of our advertising budget is a complete waste. The problem is, we don’t know which half!’ This is something that just isn’t true for paid search. For the first time ever we have an advertising medium that is fully trackable and can provided accurate ROI data, and that is just exciting.”


Bill’s Hobbies
“Karate. I am a 3rd degree blackbelt, looking to work toward my Masters.”

Bill’s Favorite Place to Eat Green Eggs and Ham
“In a car, in a tree”

If He Could Change his Name, He’d Change it to…
“Bill Karate Master Hartz, Guru of Roadside Volkswagen Jetta Repair” 

Movie Genre that Best Describes the Life of Bill

Favorite Band
Hootie and the Blowfish!

Favorite Movie

Favorite Snack Food
“Steak” – he’s a blackbelt, after all. He can’t be messing around with candy and potato chips.

Nick Canarelli – Front-End Developer

Nick is a recent graduate of Penn State University, where he earned a degree in Security and Risk Analysis. In 2013 Nick interned with Web Talent, helping with various programming and design projects. We are happy to have him back!

What Nick Likes Most About Digital Marketing
“I enjoy programming and designing websites/applications.”Nick Canarelli

Nick’s Hobbies
“I enjoy boating, working out, spending time with family, friends, and of course chillin’ with my dog Rocky.”

Nick’s Favorite Place to Eat Green Eggs and Ham
“On a boat, for sure.”

If He Could Change his Name, He’d Change it to…
“Braxton? Haha! I have no clue why.”

Movie Genre that Best Describes the Life of Nick
“100% Comedy”

Favorite Band

Favorite Movie
The Wolf on Wall Street

Favorite Snack Food
Ice Cream

Claudia Pennington – Technical Search Strategist

Claudia PenningtonClaudia joined the Web Talent team after working in higher education as a website and social media manager. She also worked as a marketing and website consultant for small businesses. Claudia plays a crucial role in identifying and solving technical issues with client sites to keep them operating smoothly.

What Claudia Likes Most About Digital Marketing
“I love seeing how quickly conversions improve and sales increase as a result of the team’s efforts!”

Claudia’s Hobbies
“I enjoy running, hiking and gardening–anything outdoors!”

Claudia’s Favorite Place to Eat Green Eggs and Ham
“In a house, with a mouse”

If She Could Change her Name, She’d Change it to…
“I joke about changing my name, usually on a weekly basis.  This week, I like Gertrude.”

Movie Genre that Best Describes the Life of Claudia

Favorite Band
In the Valley Below

Favorite Movie
“Hands down, my favorite is The Shawshank Redemption.”

Favorite Snack Food
“Popcorn–I love making popcorn!”

Adam Perry – Creative Marketing Manager

Prior to coming to Web Talent, Adam started as a landing page/banner ad designer at a publicly traded company in 2006. Later he joined another Internet marketing company and worked his way to creative director, doing web design, development, and content marketing design. In 2013 Adam began working in the e-learning field before making the switch back to an agency environment. Welcome to the team, Adam! 

What Adam Likes Most About Digital Marketing
“Seeing a positive impact for clients.”BetterNotChangeThis

Adam’s Hobbies
“Writing children’s books, and wrestling with my son.” 

Adam’s Favorite Place to Eat Green Eggs and Ham
“I do not like green eggs and ham. I will not eat them at any of the aforementioned locations. Please do not try to change my mind on this.”

If He Could Change his Name, He’d Change it to…
“Reginald VelJohnson Jr.”

Favorite Band
“I’m an obsessive fan of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. It’s probably unhealthy.”

Favorite Movie
The “Up” Series

Favorite Snack Food

Ellen Borza – Online PR Specialist

Ellen BorzaWe are very excited to welcome Ellen to Web Talent. Ellen is a 2015 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and this is her first job out of school! But don’t let that fool you into thinking she is inexperienced. Ellen worked in internal communications and marketing for several years during her time at Pitt, spending time at a natural gas/electric utility company as well as a hospital system.

What Ellen Likes Most About Digital Marketing
“It’s always changing, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. The unexpected always keeps things interesting!”

Ellen’s Hobbies
“I started a fashion and lifestyle blog almost a year ago, so blogging takes up a lot of my time when I’m not at work. I also consider myself to be a foodie, so I love visiting all the great restaurants Lancaster has to offer.”

Ellen’s Favorite Place to Eat Green Eggs and Ham
“Probably with a goat. I’d feed it the green eggs and ham because I do not like them, Sam-I-am.” 

If She Could Change her Name, She’s Change it to…
“Beyonce, of course!”

Movie Genre that Best Describes the Life of Ellen

Favorite Band
Maroon 5

Favorite Movie
Sweet Home Alabama

Favorite Snack Food
Cheese and crackers

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