That’s right, folks. Web Talent Marketing has hired yet another employee since our last newsletter. We are proud to be able to provide better and more readily available service to our clients, and each employee adds to that particular pot of #win for both us and our clients alike.

Tommy Cooper - Jr. SEO Specialist for Web Talent Marketing
Tommy left his tie with his other t-shirt.

Tommy is the name of the new fella. He’s our newest member in the SEO department, and as our resident Jr. SEO Specialist, he’ll be helping increase rankings and traffic for our clients’ websites, as well as contributing his incredibly gifted brainwaves toward other goals for our clients’ marketing efforts. Among his personal interests are disc golf, playing bass and singing in a punk rock band, and spreading a cheery vibe around the office.

We’re happy to have Tommy on board, and we can’t wait to see what his future with Web Talent will bring.