One of the greatest benefits of being a privately-owned and owner-operated business is that we get to make up our own rules. We eat when we want, we wear what we want, and we get to bring our closest friends to work with us every day!


"freeze-dried tubifex worms... nommmmm"


Recently we have been growing our in-office relationship with nature by adding some slippery somethings that we float in water and feed compressed freeze-dried organic matter – and they love it!


That's a shark's butt. A very tiny shark's butt.


Now, of course we still love and adore the animals we already had. Who could forget such classics as Simon & Garfunkel? Well, it turns out Simon is a girl. Not Paul Simon, although I’m not saying he ISN’T a girl, I am just legally obligated to be vague on that topic so as to avoid a lawsuit after which I will lose my job. I am saying that Simon the half-moon betta fish, previously thought to be of the male gender, is of the feminine persuasion. This has caused mass hysteria in the office, resulting in an overall lack of faith in humanity (Brent) and a strong case of stress-induced hives (Ray). Simon will from this day forward be known as Simone.


I'm not a dude!


Garfunkel, though the clearly under-appreciated artist in the group, has no comment.


Control your emotions.


Never to be outdone (by anyone), the office dogs tend to step up their A-game when a client or potential interview is in the office.


I can haz sitelinks?


Becker, like all good ninjas (and bad flatulence) is silent, but deadly! His weapon of choice?




We support our friendly local animals and hope you all get to enjoy the unique marketing perspective that pets bring to our business!