We’re excited to announce the expansion of our fantastic team at Web Talent Marketing. It’s been a busy few months with several new additions to the team. Emily Long joined the SEO department in early November with an excellent customer service background that makes her a perfect fit for PR and social media. A few weeks later Justin Emig took on the role of Search Marketing Manager, coming with significant experience in digital marketing and management. In December, Marcus Howling joined the SEO staff with a strong knowledge of technical SEO and link building.

Within one week we added two new members of the Web Talent team, and we’d like to introduce them to you! Bethany Bauer and Jason Hershey are helping fill much-needed spaces at Web Talent Marketing and we couldn’t be happier to have them! Read a little bit about what they bring to the table and how they’ll be helping our clients.

Meet Jason:

Jason Hershey is our new Senior Client Strategist. What does that mean? Well, it’s a little sales, client management, and strategy. Jason’s job is to “interview” potential clients, find out as much as possible, and build them an online marketing campaign – completely customized for their individual needs. While he has only been internet marketing for two years, Jason says that he loves this industry because “we can literally change people’s lives in a matter of months if we are doing the job properly.” When he’s not in the office, he enjoys cooking. Two of Jason’s brothers are chefs and cooking is something his large family has been able to bond over. He also enjoys weird or unsolved events in history (D.B. Cooper anyone?).  Jasons says, “If I wasn’t doing Internet marketing, I’d like to be a chef or professional bigfoot hunter.”

Meet Bethany:

We call Bethany Bauer the “swiss army knife.” Bethany is a graduate of Temple University where she had the opportunity to work in both their digital marketing and entrepreneurship departments while finishing her undergrad. For the past few years Bethany has worked in internal marketing while also managing client web design and PPC campaigns. Bethany has extensive video marketing knowledge and enjoys both the creative and technical aspects of digital marketing. She loves content marketing, and her favorite social network is LinkedIn. Bethany will be working in both the PPC and SEO departments. New to the Lancaster area, Bethany enjoys movies, art, reading, and her fish. Bethany also owns a screen-printing company that keeps her busy in her spare time.