The Beverly Web-billies. Web-deo Drive. Webbywood.

There is no doubt that Web Talent Marketing is a team full of high-flying, low-brow, rankings butt-kickers, and dang proud too. On a recent excursion to the city of angels Mike, Oliver & Miki uncovered many treasures, great and small, but none more valuable than a gold-mine known as Sire’s Crown Eyewear.

Take what you think you know about sunglasses and toss it out the window (or, if you are Mike, you drop it off the side of a boat). Sire’s cant really even be considered sunglasses. They are much better than such a commonly used title. They are better known as Eco Wood Eyewear. Hand-carved wooden frames made from a wide assortment of exotic woods from across the globe, including Koa from Hawaii, makes for one light-weight, durable, and flexible pair of peepers.

Eco Wood Eyewear

The gents who run this crafty enterprise are a rag-tag team of 20-something entrepreneurs doing their best to kick down the doors of LA’s creative industry and get their foot in the door of some pretty amazing brick-and-mortar businesses across the world, such as Harrod’s in London.

Eco Wood Eyewear

The coolest part of the buying experience was getting to walk through their Downtown Los Angeles studio space overlooking the entire city and the historic KRKD radio towers, which ran over the airwaves from 1932-1975.

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And, while the price point is well beyond what you would find at the carts in your local shopping mall, according to co-owner/optician Chris Erven, they come with a “getting laid satisfaction guarantee”. These babies, therefore, are worth their weight in gold.

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"Oh, hey ladies..."

So, if you are from the Golden State or get a day to spend out there, take a walk on the wild side and head downtown to the Sire’s Crown showroom. Luckily, they have concrete floors making it all the easier to clean up after this eyewear blows your mind.


While we had an amazingly good time in LA, its really great to be back home again. First day back at work, this is what we are greeted with:

PPC Management
hi mom.