Lancaster, Pennsylvania…. The Digital Capital of Pennsylvania.

While this statement might come as a surprise to some, it comes as no surprise to the team at Web Talent and local businesses throughout this thriving community. While many look at Lancaster as a traditional, conservative town with horse and buggies roaming the streets, the search giant Google, has another opinion of Lancaster.

Google recognized Lancaster as the Digital Capital of Pennsylvania, through Google’s eCity program. This program recognizes the strongest online business communities in each state. Google and its research partner Ipsos analyzed how businesses in these cities are using the web to find new customers, connect with existing customers, and fuel the local economy.

As a digital marketing and web design leader in Lancaster for over 5 years, this comes as no surprise for our CEO Mike Canarelli.

Mike Canarelli on 101 The Rose

This morning, the Mike was a guest of 101.3 The Rose’s Breakfast Club with Michelle, Dennis, and Bryan. In this interview, Mike spoke about the honor Google gave Lancaster and what it means for Lancaster. This light hearted conversation covered many topics, as well as having alittle Big Bang Theory reference nestled in there.

More about the eCity Award

As mentioned previously, Google partnered with research company Ipsos and analyzed a number of metrics, primarily those metrics from Google Adwords Pay Per Click Marketing. The study analyzes the economic value provided by Google Search, Adwords, Adsense, and Ad Grants in 2013.

With a number of client partners local to Lancaster, we know first hand how developed Lancaster has become, as it pertains to digital.

With digital marketing and web design often associated with places such as Silicon Valley, New York City, Boston and other big cities, we are proud to be living and working in Lancaster, the digital capital of Pennsylvania.