What could you do with 6 seconds of video? Seems like a small window of opportunity to some, but to others, it’s a chance to showcase a wonderland of creativity. Vine is a unique video tool, which allows the user to create looping 6-second videos. The true novelty of this application is the ability to “live-edit” your video as you go. You have the power to start and stop the recording process, mid-creation. This means, instant stop motion, scene changes or altered perspectives, and the fans of Vine do not disappoint.

What Can I Do With Vine?

But this application is more than just an animator’s dream, it’s also a way for brands to showcase their “voice” and reach consumers on a popular social platform.

According to HootSuite, the Top 5 Brands harnessing the power of Vine are:

1. Target

2. Samsung Mobile

3. USA Today

4. Peanut Butter Co.

5. Trident Gum

Many small businesses do not understand how video can be utilized for their marketing strategy and the impact it can have on their customer engagement. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy is simple.

Step 1. Create a clip.

Step 2. Post and Share via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Step 3. Let your adoring fans enjoy!

Videos can be attached to a monthly newsletter, sent in an e-blast, and shared continuously on Facebook. They can highlight your brand’s sparkling personality! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to harness the power of video to grow your business. Many small business owners may want to make their own videos, but fear their cinematography skills are lacking. Well I say to you, go forth and create! Content is your most powerful marketing tool to increase interest online and tell your story. Whether it’s 6 seconds or 6 minutes, you can craft a unique brand message with just a simple tap of the smart phone.