As a society we’re regularly inundated with content. If it’s not our favorite brands churning out new videos and blogs posts, it’s the celebrities we follow debuting a new online magazine and accompanying app. The abundance of free content comes at a price. Viewers are paying with the valuable resource of time. So how does the average brand without celebrity endorsement or a limitless budget shine in the clutter of content? The answer, creating content worth consuming in large quantities as rapidly as possible, otherwise known as binge marketing.

What is binge marketing?

We’re all familiar with the Netflix binge. You sit down and notice that a new season of a show you’ve been hearing great things about has been recently added. You decide to check out the pilot episode, but then that episode is so much better than you expected so you let the next episode play. Before you know it, the afternoon of laundry and finally reading that book you’ve been meaning to get around to goes out the window and you’ve been Netflixing for several hours straight, blatantly ignoring the judgment of the “Are you there?” notification.

How does this translate to marketing? By now you’ve no doubt realized that social media is being overrun by brands pushing out as much content as possible to engage with customers. Now users are looking for the infinite scroll experience that allows them to have nonstop access to their favorite brands. But access and promotion aren’t the same thing. Users are looking to binge content not thinly veiled promotion. They want videos, photos, and snippets of text that they can laugh, cry, or roll their eyes at and then immediately share across every social channel. As a consumer, being in the know requires awareness of the most recent viral topics. And nowadays if you want to add something to the lunchtime conversation with your coworkers you’ll need to be up-to-date on the latest “Damn, Daniel.”

All of this comes down to one simple definition. Binge marketing is churning out high quality content that encourages users to engage and share—and then repeating that cycle infinitely, or at least until the next big trend in marketing comes a long. Here’s a closer look at the definition:

High Quality Content

Creating quality content isn’t new. It’s perquisite for any sort of content marketing success. But just because it’s become a platitude doesn’t mean that what is being churned out is at a quality level to be proud. Fortunately, numerous rules exist to help you cultivate quality in your content. Some of the most important guidelines to remember? Don’t lose sight of your customer’s needs, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good writing, and don’t deviate too far from your brand.

Engage and Share

This by far the most difficult part of binge marketing. The court of public opinion is quick to judge and even quicker to lose interest. What makes the mom in the Wookie mask more shareable that the hilarious Instavideo you shared last week? Some people and brands have a certain something that allows them to stand out and gain notoriety, this isn’t something you can cultivate it just comes with time. The key to increasing engagement and sharing is pursuing innovative content. While it’s great to draw inspiration from other brands that have had success, it’s unlikely that anything resembling previously binged content will take off. Be innovative. If your brand allows for a little room to be silly, take that opportunity and put your Chewbacca mask on. And remember if at first you don’t succeed, try again.


Once you’ve finally come up with content that takes off… it’s time to head back to the drawing board and start the process again. In order to earn the binge, you need keep creating content that people will lose themselves in. Give them a reason to keep reading, to not press next on your latest My Story snap, and to say “have you heard of this company?” to their friends. New ideas should always be in motion. This way potential new customers can be directed toward your brand, indulge in all your content, and eagerly await for your next publication.

The road to binge-worthy content is not for the inexperienced navigator. True success will come from trial and error, and the more trials you have means the more content you’ll be able to provide for bingeing at a later date. Avoid shortcuts at all costs and don’t be afraid of a little innovation.