Top 5 Marketing Rules for Building Brands Online

Whether your company has an established brand or has just started an online presence, your first concern should be brand continuity. There are literally hundreds of rules you should follow online. We put together a few of the most strongly suggested marketing rules to get your company headed in the right direction. Lets take a look.

Rule #1: Don’t let keywords spoil the fun

Writing website content that represents your company and pleases the search engines can be a challenging task. Let keywords guide your subject content, but don’t let them spoil the fun. First and foremost, write content for each of your services or products in a unique and compelling point-of-view that represents your company. Stay focused! If you’re writing a page about puppy treats, try not to ramble about how cute your Siamese kittens are. We know kittens are cute, but they have nothing to do with puppy treats and this confuses the search engines. Stay focused on your main keyword for that page and paint with words closely related to that keyword. Then what? Don’t upload that content quite yet. Have a professional optimizer approve your content to make sure search engines will understand your brand.

Rule #2: Interact through social networks

Consumers have flooded social networks in record numbers, but don’t underestimate the value of business-to-business social interaction for your brand. So how can you use these networks to your advantage? Lets take a look at how your brand should represent itself on major social platforms:

  • Facebook: Whether you like it or hate it, every major market is represented on Facebook and your company needs to take advantage of this. Use Facebook as an opportunity to build brand authority by giving your customers information they can use.
  • Twitter: Use twitter to interact with your customers in helpful and informative ways. Warning: don’t give your twitter password to your sales team. Try to use twitter for insightful company news and exceptional customer service. Don’t “tweet” a promotion unless it truly benefits your audience.
  • Youtube: Create short, entertaining or educational videos that your audience will love. Video clips are the highest returned media in search engines and Youtube is a great place to get started. Posting videos to your most popular landing pages can positively increase your conversion rates and brand awareness.

Rule #3: Create an email marketing strategy

(yes, this even applies to your business)
Email marketing doesn’t always need to be used a promotion tool. If you send too many promotions on a regular basis, chances are, your audience will not be as excited to open your emails. Promote your brand in positive light by giving your audience information, news, and promotions that will truly benefit them and drive traffic to your website.

Rule #4: Inform your audience through infographics

Infographics, in their simplest form, provide facts and statistics through entertaining visual media. Use infographics to explain complex ideas or simply tell a story that supports your brand. Infographics drive traffic, have the capability to “go viral”, and explain ideas fast. The ability to understand your company quickly converts your audience into informed buyers and action-takers.

Rule #5: Use a Full-Service Marketing Company

We promise, this will save you the headaches of having to manage multiple vendors for your marketing efforts. A full-service marketing company is your cost-effective secret weapon, because you have one go-to company that understands your brand. Many marketing companies establish themselves as full-service companies, but lack experience in one or more service areas. Full-service marketing includes every effort and service to market your brand online and offline. With Internet marketing leading the future of marketing, choose a well-established company in the SEO environment who also provides offline marketing services.