1. I Love SEO Cup from Cavario
    The orange, BPA free plastic cup from Cavario are awesome. They mimic the look and feel of a beverage container normally found a fast food joint or coffee shop. It’s washable and 100% cool.
  2. Black on Black Raven T-shirt
    Raven Tools were handing out stylish black on black t-shirts with their new logo. I’m wearing mine right now.
  3. SMX Backpack
    I registered for the SMX Boot Camp and received a complimentary back pack with the SMX 2011 logo. This was a great way to carry my laptop and snag goodies from vendors.
  4. Stickers from Acquiso
    The Acquiso team had black stickers (“Search Hard, Display Harder”) and pink stickers (“M”MMM Datalicious”) available at their booth. Employees were wearing t-shirts that matched the stickers, based on their gender. I was hoping to see one of the Acquiso guys wearing a small pink t-shirt but this did not happen.
  5. SMX SEO Infographic
    Not sure if everyone received this, but I was handed a sweet poster size infographic related to SEO. It’s looks like a periodic table and covers the basic aspects of search engine optimization.

A big thanks goes to SMX vendors that helped fill my backpack full of promotional treats. I would also like to thank Raven Tools for taking our team out to dinner after the conference.

Bryan Mull