Can You Improve My Search Rankings?

We all know how this works. A business calls asking for your help. How can I reach a bigger audience?  Can you get me ranked number 1 by tomorrow? If you are a good SEO agency or consultant you will say sorry, that is not possible. However, give me 3-6 months and I’ll have your company ranked on page 5 or better. Which is only possible if you are really good at what you do. The reality is, it will take most mediocre SEO’s 6 months to get you ranked in the top ten page results. But get this; the new trending topic is that page ranking no longer matters. Wait a minute, what? Page Rank no longer matters? Every time I hear that I cringe. This debate has been going on since 2012. However it’s not a debate. Search rankings matter because people are still searching for everything online. Take a look below and learn why rankings will always be important.

What are Search Rankings?

“SERP” is the acronym for search engine results page.  A user types a keyword into a search engine and a list of results pop up. Then the user can scroll through pages of information until they find what they are looking for. In theory, the more terms your company ranks for, the more organic traffic your site receives. Most users usually find what they are looking for on page one. Companies who are on page one are probably receiving more clicks and driving more free traffic to their site. The best practice is not sitting behind a SERP checker all day and watching your page rankings raise and fall by the hour. Best practices state building your site to solve user’s inquiries, should remain your top priority. I mean unless you do not like free traffic.

Seriously, Search Rankings For Blog Posts

Not only should you be optimizing each and every page on your site, you should be optimizing each and every blog post. Every time you create a new page or product on your site, you should optimize it. What is the only thing worse than going to a website and seeing a lack of content? It is landing on a page full of useless content. Your company could be missing out on tons of traffic simply because your most relevant content is not ranking. And if you designed your blog correctly, every post will have one of those fancy call to action buttons on it.  That way when it ranks and people actually read it, you can drive those visitors to a more important landing page. Seriously, is this still a debate? Does anyone believe that search rankings have nothing to do with driving free traffic to a website?

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