Dating sites: yawn. Facebook stalking: so yesterday. Meeting random stranger on the street: what unheard of nonsense. The way we meet prospective love connections has changed since our parent’s era. With a constantly evolving digital environment, it’s about time dating started revolutionizing a little too.

What Exactly is Tinder?

You may be wondering. How will it affect my love life? Let me break it down for you.

Tinder is an application on your smart phone.


You are presented with a cornucopia of prospective men or women. You get to ‘determine your interest level’ by tapping the “X” or the heart icons, at the bottom. 


These prospects are also on smart phones so you can see exactly how far they are from you.

TinderBut if you are solely looking a pictures of geographically relevant potential matches, that doesn’t help your social/dating life. So Tinder has messaging functionality baked into the app, where you can keep your personal cellphone number private while still getting to know this mysterious stranger. It is basically like sending little notes to your crush in elementary school, but in the digital age.


This app may seem a little odd, and you may be questioning the intentions of those using the app, but the truth about Tinder is, EVERYONE IS USING IT. From the average college student to the B list celebrity, you never know whom you may find lurking for love.

Here are a few Tinder Celebrities:

  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Jamie Kennedy
  • Miss USA 2012
  • Eric Stonestreet (modern family)
Mindy Kaling on Tinder
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But celebs and those seeking a date for the weekend are not the only ones finding value in Tinder. Brands are jumping onto the Tinder movement, and seeing success. The FOX show ‘The Mindy Project’ jumped onto Tinder to promote their stars and gain additional viewers. This initiative was followed closely by the USA show “Suits,” proving that success is to be had on the app. But traditional brands jumped onto the app as well. Domino’s Pizza UK held a Valentine’s Day Tinder campaign where the chain exchanged ‘saucy’ messages with their matched users.

While this app is still in its early stages as it pertains to promotion on the channel, creative marketers can’t avoid the droves of users on the app.

What do you think of brands promoting on Tinder?