So you’ve taken the plunge and hired a new Search Engine Optimization firm to manage your online marketing. Well done! Now, let’s find out how you can turn that new connection into cold hard cash by maximizing your relationship with your new hired hands.

Many SEO clients make the mistake of believing that they can just turn all their web marketing over to the SEO team and wait for new customers and revenue to start streaming through the door. The fact is, your SEO management company has many resources, strategies and tools to help you achieve online success, but their biggest asset is YOU.

Here are three ways to make sure you and your SEO agency achieve the returns you expect.

  1. Believe in the process. One of the best ways to ensure success is to trust the people now managing your search results. They know what they are doing. You hired them because you believe they have a clear understanding of how this inter-web thing works, and you should be congratulated on making that decision. However, understand that search engine optimization is not magic. It is a process, and like all processes, it takes time. As business owners, we can sometimes get too close to our brand and wonder why everyone in the world is not clamoring for what we have to offer. An SEO agency can take a look at what you are doing from the consumers’ perspective and offer insights that might open up new markets you never even considered.
  2. Communicate effectively. The recipe for SEO success is one part listening and one part sharing. Both of these ingredients require an active role on your part. Listen carefully to the ideas the SEO pros bring to you. Their marketing concepts may seem counter-intuitive at first, but hear them out completely – there is a method to the madness. Next, be sure to share your successes with them. Online promotion includes a bit of well-placed (and well-timed) boasting, but if your hired gun knows nothing about your achievements it becomes impossible for them to sell your products or services in a meaningful way. Tell them about your new products, upcoming events, advertising campaigns, new hires and trade show appearances. All of these can help boost your online presence and elevate your search rankings.
  3. Recognize success. Like you, SEO management companies take pride in what they do, and they realize that their success hinges on your success. You truly are in it together. So, when the team meets or exceeds your expectations, take a moment to recognize them for their help. You might just find their response is to go the extra mile for you.