As an Online PR Specialist working for an agency, my co-workers and I use a variety of tools to perform outreach and find the most innovative thought leaders in our client’s verticals. While the tools I use for my job may be slightly different than those of a traditional PR practitioner, they are extremely helpful to anyone working in the digital field and I recommend giving them a try. Here are my top three suggestions for identifying journalists, editors and bloggers on the Internet.

  • MuckRack– MuckRack is a tool that allows public relations and marketing professionals to find the contact information for journalists and editors of almost every major publication and news outlet on both a local and national level. In addition to this, each journalist or editor often has a profile where public relations individuals can find out more about the journalist’s specialties, hobbies, preferred contact method, etc. The profiles will often include information such as an email address and links to personal Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. This is a great tool to use when trying to identify the correct person to reach when pitching to a media outlet. It also allows you to set up alerts and monitor the media coverage of particular industries and companies.
  • Bloglovin’– Bloglovin’ is similar to MuckRack, but instead of targeting journalists and editors it is catered toward bloggers. I use this tool when searching for bloggers who allow contributor opportunities or do product reviews for our clients. There is an ability to search by category and this includes beauty, fitness, arts etc. Bloglovin’ provides a link to the blogger’s website where you can go to find more information about what they cover and the interaction on their blog and social media channels.
  • BuzzSumo- I just started using BuzzSumo and have to say that I love it. It allows you to find the influencers and top performing content in a variety of industries much like Bloglovin’. In addition to this, it provides detailed information and links to the top performing content. For example, if you type “digital marketing agency” into the search box it will populate the best articles around this content and will include the social media engagement each article received (Facebook shares, LinkedIn shares, Twitter shares, Pinterest shares and Google+ shares).

The three tools discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the best resources for outreach. What are your favorite ways to research and reach influencers on the web? Do you have any recommendations? Share on our social channels >> Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+