It can be tough being the new kid on the block. You realized everything is going digital and your brand does not have a presence online. Your marketing managers are screaming “our consumers are online; we need to make a shift.” You even read stories about how most old marketing tactics are used to help enhance your online brand. You will find QR codes on menus, pamphlets, and billboards. URLs and hashtags are now being referenced in television commercials and radio skits. I certainly understand your ordeal, but the worst things you can do are rush and try to take the fast, cheap way out. Remember the old saying, you get what you pay for

Cheap SEO Always Sounds Good

Good SEO is an art; there is a science behind it. Everyone wants to rank. All business would like to increase traffic but more importantly, additional leads that increase conversions and turn into higher returns. The problem is that many businesses take the easy way out and hire organizations that promise cheap SEO. The first time around, businesses seeking cheap SEO hire a company called Captain American Link Builders, Super Links, or even the one called, All We Do Is Link. Filled up with false hopes, they believe the $500.00 spent on 10,000 links is going to take them to the promise land. Wrong! Hiring the company with the fanciest name does not equal success. Cheap SEO always sounds good, but trust me, everyone hates hearing about the real cost of doing it over.

The Hidden Cost Of Cheap SEO

At first they are bummed when the realization of wasted money sinks in. They are devastated once they learn the real cost and problem with cheap SEO. Truth is, all of those horrible links completely ruin your site. In some cases, the company has to end up creating a whole new brand. What does that mean? In all likelihood you will need a new name, logo, URL, new everything.

Google has gotten so good that you can no longer even 301 your old good backlinks to your new site for fear that they will associate the two and penalize you all over again. Yes that is right, you will end up starting from scratch. Even all of the good work goes down the drain. Now you have to pay another SEO Company or consultant to fix your old problems before they begin to get your campaign up and running. Double Whammy, all the big bucks stop rolling in and you have to put more money out to solve the problem.

How To Avoid The Hidden Cost Of Cheap SEO

The only way to avoid the hidden cost of cheap SEO is to think twice before taking the easy way out. Go with skilled professionals with a proven reputation; the money you spend will go a long way. Also, if for some reason you do not see the success you were looking for, there is still a bright side. Choose a proven company and you will not lose everything. You will not have to start over; you will not be penalized fighting an uphill battle every time Google release a new update.

The last thing any business needs to be issued a Manual Penalty from Google as it renders your website invisible to consumers searching for your brand. Getting out of a manual penalty takes time and an organization highly skilled in this process. Web Talent has extensive experience getting clients out of manual penalties due to cheap SEO tactics. If you found yourself at the wrong end of cheap SEO and need Panda and Penguin Recovery, give us a call today.