Hi, I’m Facebook, remember me?

Facebook is the social network for connecting with high school friends, remembering birthdays and detailing just about every major life event. Often viewed as the replacement for Myspace, Facebook has grown to become a piece of popular culture and has been embraced by all demographics (yes your parents will find your profile).

The concept that teens have abandoned Facebook started last October when the company conveyed young teens were visiting the network less frequently. The idea continued to snowball and gained momentum when the United States President was overheard saying “It seems like they (interpreted as young people) don’t use Facebook anymore.” It appeared to be the beginning of the end for Facebook…. but not so fast.

According to a recent research study released by Forrester, Facebook remains the preferred social network for teens (aged 12-17). While Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Pinterest have come along and threatened to take the top spot, Facebook still holds strong.

So what does this research mean to you?

If you are a Facebook user, it means you get to retain the teens on your friend list! If you are a business, it means that promoting your brand on Facebook with young users is still extremely relevant.

Facebook allows users to share information and photos and engage clients in a two-way conversation. It also allows for instant message dissemination ensuring that those who like a page will receive news in the blink of an eye. Setting up an account is easy, free and can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

While Facebook used to be popular with marketers for organic reach, it has now transformed into an advertising medium. With all of the changes to Facebook in the past few months, it is now more effective for businesses to reach users with inexpensive paid campaigns.

So what are you waiting for? If you do not have an account sign up today, it is never too late to get started and include Facebook as part of your marketing strategy. If you do have an account, continue to promote your brand with Facebook.

While there may be a day where Facebook no longer rules with teenagers, today is not that day. All is safe and sound in the world of social media.