It used to be that only businesses in marketing and technology or with really big marketing budgets did social media. Those days are long gone! Now everyone is tweeting, pinning, and posting social content all over the internet! Social media isn’t confined to the tech-savvy or the big brands anymore. The lady who owns a yarn shop down the street has the resources to blog about her favorite knitting patterns and pin craft ideas onto Pinterest boards. The manufacturing company from your home town can engage with their customers on LinkedIn or run a promotion on Google+.

But even that is changing now! What once was an option is now a necessity. Social media is integral to every business’s marketing plan, and guess what – I’ll prove it to you.

Web Talent Marketing is hosting our next SEO Meetup in Lancaster on September 25th! Sign up & RSVP for your seat for free business advice. We will discuss:

– Why social media is no longer an option
– A breakdown of the major social media platforms
– Keys to success for any campaign
– How to develop a strategy

And most importantly – the new data that proves that social media impacts your SEO!

Come join us and learn the ins and outs of a great social media campaign and how you start and manage a strategy for your business.

You can sign up & RSVP for this free SEO event online.