You may very well have one of the most interesting websites in the world, and you might have some great products or services that you are offering through your site. You probably already know how important SEO friendly content is for your website, and you have taken pains to ensure that you have a wealth of content for your visitors. All of this work on your part, and maybe even with the help of a web site promotion agency, has helped your rank raise among the search engines. Everything looks like it is going well, but you still aren’t making the kind of money you’d imagined.

What could be wrong? Your conversions simply aren’t happening. Even though you have all of those people coming to your site, they aren’t buying. Unless you work hard to convert them to customers after they have come to your site, they will move on to the next. Internet users hop from site to site unless there is a compelling reason to stay. You have to not only give them that reason but also convince them that they should buy from you.

The following are a few conversion optimization techniques that you might want to employ.

1 – Let the customer know what it is that you have to offer, and make it easy for them to find out the information they need, including the price. Most people today aren’t going to take the time to send an email for that “special pricing offer”. Web users are smart enough to know that you are trying to get their email address from them, and they don’t like when people go about it in a tricky way. Instead, let them sign up to a newsletter through their email. It’s transparent, and both of you get something you can use. Also make sure that you keep their emails an information safe and away from spammers.

2 – Your site should be simple to navigate and understand. Let people know what you are selling, and let them know how they can use it in their lives. A simple site with solid information is going to be far better at converting people than a convoluted site that is hard to decipher.

3 – Your call to action is important. In fact, it is one of the most important parts of your site. It should be clear and easy to understand. Look at your site and call to action as though you were a customer. Is everything easy to find? Would someone be able to understand your site’s content and how to buy your product? Does the call to action draw people in and make them want to buy?

4 – Offer something to your customers free of charge. You might want to offer an e-book, which has information relevant to your site. You can add another call to action in the e-book. People always like free things.

These are just a few of the simple conversion optimization ideas that you and your online business consultants will be able to try. When you find something doesn’t work, change it and try again!