Pinterest recently announced that it would be adding buyable pins, allowing users to buy products without leaving the app. This is an incredible win for ecommerce brands as the ease and ability to purchase in app has the ability to increase sales. If your ecommerce business is not yet on Pinterest, now is the time to join.

Secret boards are a great way to launch your brand’s Pinterest account. They remain private, meaning what you pin won’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest. These boards are often under utilized by businesses, but they can be a great secret weapon for your social strategy. Once you’ve mastered Pinterest, you can use secret boards to organize content, plan future social campaigns, collaborate with your team, and spy on competitors in your niche.

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How to Create a Secret Board

Creating a secret board is simple. Scroll down to the bottom of your profile and click the plus sign to create a board. From there it is automatically set as secret. You can also invite collaborators to add to the board as well. You’ll be able to pin to secret boards just as easily as you can to other boards. They appear in your list with a lock next to the name.

secret pinterest board

Secret boards are a great way to execute your social strategy. When Pinterest first released secret boards, users were only limited to three at a time. Now, users can have unlimited boards, so the possibilities for creating and collaborating are endless.

Only make a secret board public when you are absolutely ready. Once a private board is made public, it stays public. In addition, public boards cannot be made private, as your followers might have already repinned some of your content.

Prepare Content

When creating a Pinterest account, secret boards enable you to create and finalize content before publishing it. Put together a few boards that are reflective of your brand and what you hope to share on Pinterest. Users will already have a sense of what you are pinning and can start repinning your content right away. Preparing content before publishing will also prevent you from flooding your followers’ feeds with content.

your secret boards

Generate Future Content

These private boards are also beneficial for coordinating future campaigns and product launches. This is especially great for the holidays. Create a few holiday-themed boards centered on products or gifts, decorating tips, and more.

Do you have a new product line coming out for the fall? Add products to the secret board and make it public once they are shoppable. You can also create boards that represent the story and inspiration behind your new collection.


Secret boards are great for internal collaborative efforts. They can help you generate ideas and inspiration all in one place. Create a secret board for each team member to pin ideas for your next campaign. When your team meets to discuss Pinterest strategy, you’ll already have ideas to incorporate into your editorial calendar.

Spy on Competitors

Another way to take advantage of secret boards is to keep an eye on your competitors. Pin their most popular content to gain insight into what types of content your audience is interested in.

Knowing what your audience likes through competitor analysis can help improve your company’s website. Optimize product pages that your audience is most likely to want to visit based on what users have pinned on Pinterest. Building content around those popular pins can drive traffic to your website and lead to purchases.

If competitors’ content sparks inspiration, pin that to your secret boards as well. Spying on your competition through Pinterest gives you the opportunity to learn from them and develop new ideas for your brand.