Did you know that search engine marketing is a 16 billion dollar industry? It works, businesses believe in it and have reaps the benefits. By now many of you are engaging in search engine marketing in some fashion or another. Maybe it’s pay-per-click (or paid advertising), maybe it’s blogging or search engine optimization, perhaps it’s banner advertising or maybe it’s something differently altogether.

TechCrunch, a well-known online resource for the tech industry, estimated that $917 billion worth of retail sales were web-influenced, $155 billion sold online in the same year – 2009.

Google has been the search power-house for several years. With Yahoo and Bing merging their search systems the competition between Google and the others is closing in. Are you focusing on only Google results or are you diversifying your search engine optimization efforts?

Do you know how many visitors have viewed your site or search for products you sell from a mobile device? As mobile devices are advancing consumers are beginning to make purchases and conduct research directly from their device. Make sure your website functions and looks as it should on at least the primary mobile devices: Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, etc.