As digital marketers, we must continue to stay up on the latest happenings in the world of Search Engine Optimization, Paid Per Client Advertising, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Web Design, and much more. We need to know what is the next social network that is going to be exploding on the scene, what is the latest happenings with all of the algorithm updates from Google, and what technologies can you employ so that you convert more leads with less spend.

We are digital marketing junkies

At Web Talent, we have a team of people who eat, sleep and breath digital marketing. While many people are talking about the latest happenings on reality television, our team is busy discussing the latest apps to hit the market, the latest online advertising blunders, or new and unique ways to market our client’s products.

We literally consume hundreds of articles each week, discuss them, and determine how these particular strategies, techniques, updates can benefit our clients and help generate SALES!!

Instead of spending hours combing through hundreds of blogs, articles, and whitepapers every week, just stop by every Friday and see the 5 or more articles we have curated to be the information most relevant to growing your business.

Web Talent Marketing’s ‘What we are reading this week in the world of digital marketing’

Without further ado, here are the top articles we are reading for the week of March 6th.

  1. How do consumers Google? New data shreds light: In 2005 an eye tracking study showed that most people hover their eyes in the top left section of the search results page. A new study completed by Mediative shows that while the top left is the prime real estate, consumers are making their way quickly down the left hand side of the page. Our take is that the study might be a bit misleading as we see substantial success from paid search advertising which have ads along the right hand side of the screen, with some producing upwards of 5:1 ROI. Interesting data, but we prefer to test every market, every consumer base, and ad copy.
  2. Consumers do not leave their phone out of their site: As if we haven’t been beating the drum of mobile for a very long time now, Lee McCabe, global head of travel for Facebook, said 79 percent of smartphone users have their phones within arm’s reach for all but three hours of the day! This data came from the Mobile World Congress and just shows you the power that lies in the devices we are so attached to. Marketers need to focus on mobile first!
  3. Google+ continues its downward spiral: Before Google+ totally disappears, it’s going to get a lot worse. Google+ will be divided into Photos and Streams – yet again proving that Google+ can’t be differentiated from any other social channel. I’m not even that sorry to see you go, Google+. (Contributed by SEO/PPC Specialist, Caitlin Gustafson)
  4. Messaging App Kik goes head first at SnapChat with targeting: SnapChat has received a great deal of attention over the fact that their new advertising units contained no targeting; every user would receive the same ad. Rival messaging app Kik is introducing ad units that allow brands to target by gender, country, and device. While not nearly as targeted as we like in a Social Media Advertising campaign, but this does eliminate all of the men receiving that cosmetics ad.
  5. Vince Vaughn and Co-stars pose for stock photos: Chalk this one up to the funny category. Everyone knows that there are some very cheesy stock photos out there and being in digital marketing, we see our fair share. To promote their latest movie “Unfinished Business,” Vince Vaughn and his co-stars pose for very cheesy stock photos. This partnership with Getty Image’s iStockPhoto is not only funny, but a great conversation starter to a brand who happens to have Vince Vaughn on their home page. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist, Anna Horn)

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