As digital marketers, we must continue to stay up on the latest happenings in the world of Search Engine Optimization, Paid Per Client Advertising, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Web Design, and much more. We need to know what is the next social network that is going to be exploding on the scene, what is the latest happenings with all of the algorithm updates from Google, and what technologies can you employ so that you convert more leads with less spend.

We are digital marketing junkies

At Web Talent, we have a team of people who eat, sleep and breath digital marketing. While many people are talking about the latest happenings on reality television, our team is busy discussing the latest apps to hit the market, the latest online advertising blunders, or new and unique ways to market our client’s products.

We literally consume hundreds of articles each week, discuss them, and determine how these particular strategies, techniques, updates can benefit our clients and help generate SALES!!

Instead of spending hours combing through hundreds of blogs, articles, and whitepapers every week, just stop by every Friday and see the 5 articles we have curated to be the information most relevant to growing your business.

Web Talent Marketing’s ‘What we are reading this week in the world of digital marketing’

Without further ado, here are 5 of the articles we are reading for the week of December 12th.

  1. 40% of Fortune 100 Brand Facebook accounts are unauthorized: It comes as no surprise to digital marketers that there is a certain level of fake accounts that exist on all social networks. However, this particular study from ProofPoint shows that this number as it pertains to Fortune 100 Brand Facebook accounts is surprisingly high. This goes without showing that transparency on Facebook and showing an authentic and authorized voice is required to maintain consistent brand messaging. Our Social Media Marketing team does an excellent job.
  2. Phones demolish digital cameras in pictures taken: Research giant Edelman found that mobile phones and smartphones account for 81% of all pictures taken by users who have taken at least 10 pictures. Edelman found that the 2nd highest, point and shoot digital camera, accounted for 55% of all pictures. This just continues to beat on the drum that with advancing technologies in smartphone devices, the mobile revolution will continue to grow quickly.
  3. 30% of Facebook users have unliked a brand: Keeping on the Facebook and fails of social media marketing tip for one more, research from GlobalWebIndex shows that 30% of Facebook users have unfollowed/unliked a brand. Additional findings from the study shows that 25% of users have commented on a brand’s post, which is a surprisingly high number. Again, our Social Media Marketing team understands that yelling into Facebook continuously is a sure fire way to warrant a unlike.
  4. Five Guys use Coca-Cola Freestyle machine to boost sentiment: Quick service restaurant chain Five Guys added the interactive Coca-Cola Freestyle machine to their restaurants, and the results were a 20% increase in consumer sentiment. Additionally, their use of Facebook and Twitter social data is carving out new menu options and small portion sizes. The power of social media in carving brand’s product offerings.
  5. Social Media users help bring back popular cereals: In a heavily social media skewed What We are Reading this week, we finish with a story that will make you hungry. Twitter users have been clammering for General Mills to bring back French Toast Crunch. To appease the demand, General Mills has agreed and will be relaunching this cult favorite breakfast treat. Social media is a powerful tool….are you harnessing its impact for your brand?

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