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What We’re Reading for October 28th

No More “Dashing” to the Store For You!

As in Amazon Dash buttons that is. Don’t remember what Amazon Dash buttons are? Back in 2015 Amazon came out with small tile like fobs that allow you to order basic necessities at a push of a button. Previously there were 160 Dash buttons, but recently 66 more buttons were added, bringing the total to 226 Dash buttons. Companies like Coca-Cola, Folgers, and Pop-Tarts are among the newest members of Amazon’s program. Keep the button near the items you use on a regular basis, and when you are getting low on supplies simply reorder at a push of a button. Who would’ve thought 1-click ordering could have gotten any easier? (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Michelle Bull)

How Topshop Determines What Snapchat Content Its Followers Love

Anyone using Snapchat for marketing purposes knows the platform’s biggest (and arguably, only) downfall is a lack of metrics. But how are major retailers like Topshop combatting this problem? Since joining the platform, Topshop has relied on screenshots to determine what followers are loving. In this case, it is product images. Now, 90 percent of Topshop’s stories are viewed to completion. For brands who want to use the app, use screenshots to your advantage. Use them to assess what really works and how you can get customers from Snapchat to checkout. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Ellen Borza)

Vine is Dead

Just 4 years after buying the popular platform, Twitter had decided to kill it’s 6 second video app. Perhaps this has something to do with the decrease in users it has seen over the past year. Or the fact that it never really caught on as a social media channel. Or maybe it’s because it’s top stars have been jumping ship to Youtube and Snapchat (if you’re a vine star and you haven’t yet, RIP to your career). Either way we’ll sure miss beautiful vines like these. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

Click-to-Message Ads to Help Customers and Businesses

Google is getting ready to launch their Click-to-Message extension feature. This feature will help connect customers and businesses in a more convenient way. Rather than calling to talk to someone, being put on hold or being transferred (which all requires immediate attention), the messaging option will allow users the flexibility to ask what they want and respond when they want. (Contributed by Paid Search Specialist Kevin Koehn)

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