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What We’re Reading for August 5th

Google Gets Ready for Rio with New Features

The 2016 Rio Olympics’ opening ceremony starts tonight, but Google announced earlier this week that it is ready with new Olympics features. Search updates include event schedules, medal counts, competition results and more. In addition, YouTube will have event highlights from the top broadcasters along with livestreaming events from YouTube’s top creators. Another cool feature is that users can explore Rio venues from Google Maps Street View. Thanks to Google, fans will be able to stay up to date on everything Olympics-related no matter where they are. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Ellen Borza)

Instagram Comes for Snapchat

The newest update of Instagram this week introduced the new ‘Stories’ feature. This change now allows you to take short videos or photos and post them to your story. They will last for 24 hours and then disappear, like Snapchat. There is also a feature to draw on media, like Snapchat. As well as use stickers, like Snapchat. You can watch people you already follow on Instagram and the playback seamlessly continues down the line of people who have posted, like Snapchat. We’re still not sure where they got all these great ideas but maybe they’ll introduce the ability to send photos that disappear after a few seconds soon, like Snapchat. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

Get Song Lyrics and Recipes Faster Than Ever Before

Have you ever been in the kitchen, wondering what to cook for dinner when you decided to search for a recipe for the ground beef idling in the freezer? I’ve been there. I know you have, too. You probably do what I do in those moments and reach for your smartphone to search for a recipe only to be served with slow-loading recipe pages. Not anymore. AMPs for recipes have arrived. (Contributed by Technical Search Strategist Claudia Pennington)

Google Analytics Demo Now Available

Looking to get your Google Analytics certification? Good news, earning that coveted cert just got a tiny bit easier with Google launching a demo analytics account. Now instead of worrying about creating your own account, you can use the demo to learn the ins and outs of Analytics. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Sarah Walsh)

Facebook Brings the 1-2 Punch to Clickbait

We’ve all seen those headlines, “I earned $500 a day online, you’ll never guess what happened next!” If your immediate thought is, “oh that’s clickbait” you are absolutely correct. Facebook is taking a stand and adjusting their newsfeed algorithm in the coming weeks to bring this to an end. All articles containing clickbait phrases will be moved lower down the newsfeed, or simply won’t be seen at all. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Michelle Bull)

Hubspot Digs Up the Real Truth on Adwords

This week, Hubspot debunked 3 perceptions that people have about Adwords. Many people have a heavy misunderstanding of how important Adwords campaigns are. In summary, the 3 points were that people actually do click on Google Ads (Google makes 100 mill a day from ad clicking), Google tracks fraudulent clicks so that you are not charged more money (competitors can’t cost you more money with their happy clicking), and Adwords is an inbound marketing strategy (not a traditional outbound advertisement). (Contributed by Jr. Online PR Specialist Angalena Malavenda)

Google Keyword Planner Search Volume

Back in June, Keyword Planner changed how search volume estimates are displayed. Google is now grouping together keyword search volumes that are similar by close variants. The search volume is a little misleading because the search volumes are overestimated. However, there is a workaround on how to get the old data back lay-out. (Contributed by SEO Manager Ray Carboni)

What We’re Listening To

Ask Me Another, “10 Out Of 10 Goldblums”

Do you like puzzles? Do you like clever music? Do you like trivia? Then this podcast is for you. Hosted by Ophira Eisenberg with music by Jonathan Coulton this podcast will increase your brain power while tickling your funny bone. There are always guests and on this episode Jeff Goldblum makes an appearance with Weird Al Yankovic. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

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