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What We’re Reading for July 15th

Put the Rum in the Coconut and Make a Killer Digital Marketing Campaign

If you happened to be using Snapchat lenses on National Pina Colada Day (July 10), you may have seen the dedication Malibu Rum is putting into promoting their product by changing your face into a pineapple before sipping on a drink (obviously made with Malibu rum) on the beach with your shades on. Malibu is working to engage young consumers of legal drinking age who aren’t brand loyal to their alcohol companies. This Snapchat lens is the latest in Malibu’s concentrated effort to focus their marketing on the digital sphere, following their spring break campaign titled “Malibros.” (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Sarah Walsh)

Pokémon Go Arrives and Catches All the Records

This weekend the much anticipated mobile game Pokémon Go arrived to phones. The app quickly shot to the top of highest downloads and has officially surpassed Twitter’s daily users. People are spending more time actively playing the app then they do on Facebook. It has also surpassed the amount of installs the popular dating app Tindr has. The game has taken the crown of users from Candy Crush and it doesn’t seem like it will be slowing down soon. So if you see youths walking around staring at their phones in parks ask them if they just caught Squirtle. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

Engaging Multilingual Audiences at the Olympics

With the 2016 Olympic games starting in three weeks news stations, endorsers, and brand ambassadors are in full prep mode. The games will be broadcasted and live streamed to people all over the world, along with marketing efforts from Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and other large companies. When marketing on such a grand scale there are few things to keep in mind when trying to reach your desired audience. First, make sure the content you are sending out is culturally appropriate to the region, and use vernacular familiar to the area. Avoid machine translation as they tend to be slightly incorrect when translating colloquialisms or slang. Also, timing is a critical aspect in any live broadcast. If the timezone you are trying to reach is different than the current time of the event, try and broadcast or post the event during peak hours in the desired region. Posting something at 2am may tend to be overlooked when a newsfeed is refreshed eight hours later. Next, stay informed in all happenings. This can be geographical and political too. Take into consideration the countries current situation before posting something that could be offensive. Lastly, dress in your favorite athlete’s colors, grab some popcorn, and cheer them on during the opening ceremony on August 5th. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Michelle Bull)

Invest in Pokémon Go and Score Marketing Wins

If your storefront happens to be a PokéStop then adding attractants to draw in Pokémon may be a way to score quick marketing wins with millennials. Encourage your new customers to snap their experience or tag you on Insta. (Contributed by Technical Search Strategist Claudia Pennington)

How Many Screens Take Up Your Day?

We live in a world where an average of 7 hours of our day is spent on some sort of digital screen. But it is the how and when of the device usage that has marketers trying to tune into the best way to advertise. Between smartphones, TVs, tablets and laptops we are caught using at least 2 devices together at any given time. One stat taken from the infographic is that a sold 72% of users are on their phones while they watch TV. This is because they are searching for info on what they are watching, discussing it, or interacting on a social platform. This proves that meshing any campaign strategies over multiple devices is the way to go. (Contributed by Jr. Online PR Specialist Angalena Malavenda)

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