As digital marketers, we strive to be constantly up-to-date on the latest happening in the online world. We have Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Web Design, and more covered. Staying on top of digital news is our job and not only pushes us with our ideas and strategies but ensures our clients come out on top as well. Whether it’s a new app exploding on the scene, a Google algorithm update, or the latest behavior tracking tool we’ll review, preview, and make note of it here. So if you’ve missed checking your RSS reader or your favorite sites this week no worries. New to 2016 is our what we’re listening to section full of a podcast, song, or piece that has been in our heads all week. Check it out to find out what you should be listening to regardless of topic. Come back every Friday for a new collection of our favorites and the most noteworthy pieces from the digital news sphere.

What We’re Reading for June 17th

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn

As Microsoft seeks to be top of mind once again in business, its acquisition of LinkedIn brings it closer to the professionals and companies who requires its products. (Contributed by Technical Search Strategist Claudia Pennington)

Snapchat Update & Redesign

Snapchat revamped its homepage to put a larger focus on the Discover section, giving the existing 20 or so brands a greater opportunity for user engagement. Headlines are now paired with the posts and provide users with more context on what they’ll see before they play the video. The update also restructured the layout and it now appears as Search, Discover, Recent Updates, Live, and All Stories. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Sarah Walsh)

LinkedIn Increases Personalized Insight

With all the updates taking place across social media recently, it’s only natural for LinkedIn to update as well. When a job is recommended via LinkedIn there is a new algorithm that makes sure you are in the top 50% of applicants based off work experience and skills listed. Also, LinkedIn will make light of growing companies in similar professions as your own, and acknowledge hiring trends over a 12 month period. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Michelle Bull)

Apple Announces Search Ads Will Be Coming to the App Store

Apple announced a series of changes ahead of its developers conference, but the biggest change to come is the introduction of ads to the app store. Developers will be able to bid for ad slots when users search for an app by name or keyword. According to Apple, 65% of app downloads come from users’ search queries, meaning search ads should be highly competitive. As of now, only one ad will be available per search. Beta testing begins on Monday, June 13, with a bigger roll out to come later in the fall. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Ellen Borza)

Using Broad Match Type as a Keyword Research Tool

The use of Broad match keywords in Paid Search campaigns is something we typically avoid in the industry. Why? Ads end up showing for crazy search terms that are apparently related to your broad match keywords. Instead of avoiding Broad match keywords, what if we use them as a keyword research tool? Sure, you’re going to have to sift through some rubbish, but you may discover valuable keywords that you didn’t think of before or that your prior keyword research efforts didn’t reveal. This idea was recently brought up by one of my fellow Paid Search Specialists, Bill Hartz, and now it seems to have even more validity now that the topic is being covered on industry news sites. (Contributed by Paid Search Specialist Kevin Koehn)

The End of Adobe Flash

Just a few years go Adobe Flash was a staple in most websites. However, in 2016 most major web browsers and mobile operating systems doing away with Flash. Google has even come out and said that they will flat out block flash except for 10 websites. Apple is the latest to join the club of companies doing away with Flash compatibility. This is big news since several companies still use Flash for portions of their website, and some sites won’t work without Flash running. It’ll be interesting to see how many sites will need major overhauls to stay compatible with major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. (Contributed by Digital Campaign Lead Jasper Burwell)

What We’re Listening To

Stuff You Missed in History Class, “The Night Witches”

If you’re a fan of history and always felt that your history textbook may have skipped over some of the minor details then this podcast is for you. The two hosts Holly and Tracey explore a plethora of subjects all from various parts of history. This episode is about the Night Witches, a female bombing regiment in the Soviet Air Force. Even better, this show is part of the How it Works family so every episode has even more resources. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Anna Horn)

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