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What we are Reading for April 21st

Google Plans Ad-Blocking Feature

Google is planning to role out a new ad-blocking feature for Chrome across mobile and desktop applications. This new feature could block ads deemed as providing a bad experience for users. While this poses a few questions for Google it could actually help them grow by beating out third-party companies. Google is already a part of Acceptable Ads program, and Chrome accounts for 47.5% of the browser market. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Michelle Arnold)

Google Tests ‘Suggested Clip’ with Video

Google appears to be testing out ‘suggested clips’ for how-to queries. While text-based featured snippets are more common than video snippets, video answers can still show up. Rather than waiting for the answer, the suggested clip jumps directly to the portion of the video with the answer. Again, this seems to be a test. No word on whether or not this will be a permanent feature. (Contributed by Sr. Online PR Specialist Ellen Borza)

Facebook Hosts Annual F8 Conference

This week Zuckerberg and company got on stage to present what is coming to Facebook in 2017. Augmented reality is one of the main features as Facebook works on adding more camera features. Virtual reality was also a topic as the company gave more details of it’s upcoming chat feature Facebook Spaces. On a business facing front new Messenger bots are coming as well as in-depth analytics for pages. (Contributed by Sr. SEM Specialist Anna Horn)

Spam Everywhere on the Web

Google released it’s 2016 spam statistics this week mentioning that they sent out more than double the amount they sent in 2015. 32% more sites were hacked this year, a number that should terrify site owners. There was less user reported spam this year but still lots of questions in Webmaster’s Forum and plenty of live events.(Contributed by Sr. SEM Specialist Anna Horn)

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