After a few weeks off we’re back on with your weekly recap of digital marketing news. If you’re new let me introduce our breakdown; every week our team scours the internet reading articles to stay on top of current digital trends. Instead of just keeping this news to ourselves via internal emails and Skype messages we recap our favorite stories for our readers each week. We hope to curate the best news so you can stay informed of all the happenings in the digital world. So if you forgot to read your RSS feed this week or just haven’t gotten around to checking your favorite sites catch-up on what you may have missed here. Original story links are always included in case you’d like to dive deeper. So if Google released a new algorithm, or an app is blowing up in the social media world you’ll her about it here. Come back every Friday for a new collection of our favorites and the most newsworthy pieces from the digital sphere.

What we are Reading for February 10th

Instagram Stats for Days

Social Media Today shared Website Builder’s infographic on 139 stats and facts on Instagram. Highlights include which hashtags are most successful, what are the top emjois, and detailed demographic information. Essentially, if you want to have success marketing on instagram, you should check out this infographic. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Sarah Walsh)

New Facebook Tool

Facebook shared that they are testing a new feature called “Discover People.” This does what Facebook encourages users to do, connect with others who are interested in similar things as yourself. Sharing more about yourself also lends to better ad targeting. Discover People has been tested in a few areas, but will be rolling out worldwide. (Contributed by Online PR Specialist Michelle Arnold)

Search Console Alerts for CMS Updates

If you’re using an old version of a popular CMS like WordPress, you might’ve noticed a warning in Google Search Console to update to the current version. Many said these were false positives, meaning that Google’s alert might’ve been for a cached version of the GSC property. Nonetheless, it serves as a good reminder that failing to update to the current version of these platforms (and plugins) can make your site more vulnerable to hacking or malware. Make sure your site is updating on the current version of its CMS and regularly check for updates. (Contributed by Sr. Online PR Specialist Ellen Borza)

Twitter Still Faces Problems

Despite growing their user base and daily users revenue at Twitter only rose 1% which is disappointing for the social media platform. With hopes that maybe the recent political uproar on the platform would drive in users Twitter is looking to switch up its ad strategy which has slid 7%. Something needs to change for Twitter to make it, which makes us think an acquisition is possible? (Contributed by Sr. SEM Specialist Anna Horn)

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