Admit it. At one point in time, you became curious, even a little interested. You want to know why people are so hooked on this tech-savvy social networking site people call “Facebook”.   Well, Facebook is free and what have you got to lose?   Sign up today! Here are some ideas to get you started.   More is more. Relationships are at an all-time high. At first glance it may not seem to matter, but it does. Your Facebook friends are your connections. The more Facebook friends you have, the more connections you are exposed to – thus the more opportunities. If you are managing your own business or are thinking of starting one, you may want to consider taking advantage of the endless possibilities that Facebook offers.  

Facebook friends may not only be that; they can also be your future contacts or investors, or customers. It is a business tool that’s both cost-effective (it’s free!) and relatively convenient. Launch your companies, create jobs for people, introduce new industries, make a world of difference, the list just goes on and on. Now how good does that sound?   Facebook friends go beyond the word “friend”. We don’t mean just because you have the name of someone on your friend’s list does not mean that he or she is someone you are really close to. Some of them are just friends of your friends or someone you met casually at some place you probably have forgotten about already. The word here is “connection”. You connect with anyone and everyone in the World Wide Web. But at any rate, you may never know when that connection will come in handy someday.  

Photos make you. It is never debatable to say that the photo application of Facebook is by far one of the most popular applications on the said social networking website. It is always recommended to show your own picture on Facebook. The whole point of social networking websites is to socialize, not to hide. People might think that you are concealing yourself and your identity by putting photos that are not exactly relevant to you (or that’s not you, simply put). It is also a good idea to change your photos and by changing we mean updating them or adding to them from time to time. Updating them gives the impression that you are dynamic and you like to move forward.   Facebook, surprisingly, can accomplish as much as your Rolodex can do. Sometimes, business executives won’t have time to communicate through phone calls and emails, but with the advent of Facebook, they found themselves making more room and time in their schedule to check their accounts.

A message sent through Facebook provides a more refreshing change from the stiff business emails business executives get all the time. Take advantage of this and you might make more business deals than you normally do the traditional way.   Update your status, people care. Another tool made available in Facebook is the status of the account user. The status lets people in on your feelings and the current status of your life. This is mostly useful in terms of expressing yourself; but is also helpful for other people to know you more. Once again, use good judgment. Make it a point to express yourself simply and without much detail. It is possible to express yourself without losing your privacy.  

Relationships are currency, so they say. There’s nothing wrong with thinking along these lines as long as one continues to be responsible and honest with his dealings with other men and women. Use it to build good and honest relationships, whether platonic, romantic, or business-related. Beyond the idea of not having a social network being ‘uncool’, it all boils down to being able to keep up with technology. Anyway, the whole point of technology is to make people’s lives better and more meaningful.